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Lap dogged: Is the laptop losing its luster?

It wasn't that long ago that tablets were notebook paper glued or spun together to write on, and laptops were portable computers that seemed destined to rule the world for the foreseeable future.
Then, the smart phone and tablets arrived on the scene.
Smart phones revolutionized just how easily you can get information at your fingertips, and the subsequent tablet enlarged the process without adding bulk to the overall package. Instead what you got was a thin, lightweight and even more portable version of a PC that allowed you to search the web, check emails, take photos and watch television and movies without much effort.
With that, the laptop certainly isn't gone, nor is it forgotten. It just has a lot more competition to contend with now that tablets and phones found a niche that isn't likely going to be nudged any time soon.
If you aren't a believer that the laptop might be somewhat of a dinosaur, consider the influx of hybrid like devices that have taken the best part of the tablet and laptop and combined them into one unit. Microsoft and its "Surface" come to mind immediately as what the future of portable PCs and Macs might look like very shortly.

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Apple isn't so much sweating the tablet craze since they have a pretty respectable and remarkable one of their own: the iPad. Instead, Apple doesn't appear to be fighting the tablet and smart phone revolution, but instead has remained steadfast in its approach to laptops with their diverse and incredibly Macbooks. They have taken notice that their price point might be a little too high for the average consumer and has opted to introduce a lower cost model without sacrificing the quality put forth.
Somehow the desktop remains fairly unfazed by all of this, since it pretty much is a sedentary piece of equipment that fits nicely in an office or den at home and can be used by the entire family and thus monitored closely by parents for their impressionable, school aged children who still live at home.
As for the laptop, it is quietly being nudged aside for the more convenient tablet, but that doesn't mean manufacturers and those brains behind the brawn that are laptops haven't taken notice and already started working diligently to keep their product equal parts current and on the same playing field as the highly touted tablets.

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