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Food for thought: Is fast food really to blame for obesity woes?

Where you eat is totally optional, but if you ask the masses who struggle with being overweight or obese, chances are you'll get varied opinion on that sentiment.
Some will tell you the blame for their bulging belly rests squarely on the fast food chains that are positioned throughout their neighborhoods, just beckoning them to stop on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch and perhaps even dinner.
Fast food restaurants make billions of dollars each year and market themselves as convenient, cheaper alternatives to preparing dinner at home or spending money at a sit down restaurant. And most of the time, that sales tactic works to perfection.
Consumers gobble up hamburgers and French fries in droves, and thus turn the tables on these fast food stops and blame them for their eating woes. What makes this love and hate relationship between the masses and these fast food restaurants is the overall rating that most of the well known chains receive. Big time players in the industry like McDonald's and Burger King often find themselves on the bottom of customer approval lists and aren't necessarily well liked.
That doesn't mean, however, these fast food chains aren't well attended.

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The proof is in the revenue that these iconic food stops produce, and consumers, as much as they belly ache and complain about fast food, simply can't stop eating it, thus padding the pockets of the restaurants themselves.
The fast food restaurants certainly aren't going to complain about making a ton of cash, even if it means the consumers don't overtly like them; remember, the fast food chains are what caused you to gain 20 pounds and have high blood sugar or pressure.
The real culprit isn't so much the fast food chains but rather the people who don't search out healthier alternatives that are just as quick but minus the excess sugar or fat. Plenty of stops like Panera or Chipolte tout their menus as the foil to fast food with grilled chicken, turkey and other healthier choices that might not be found elsewhere. Even the McDonald's and Burger Kings of the world try to give you at least a salad or smoothie as part of their menu, but yet somehow those 20 pieces of chicken nuggets or milkshake somehow find their way onto that plastic green tray at your table or inside your to go bag.
Is that the fault of the fast food places?
No. Granted, they have a way of making everything look delectable and delicious, and the $1 menus or value meals make it hard to resist. But at the end of the day, it's still our choice.

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