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Food fighters: Why certain foods should always be in your diet

The phrase "super foods" often is tossed around haphazardly within the exercise, diet and fitness industry to the point that the phrase is losing some of its luster and muddying the water as to which foods actually deserve that moniker.
Most of what is deemed as being superb as far as foods go perhaps are only sub par at best, and really aren't ready or able to be deemed as "super." Then again, some foods should be part of your eating and diet repertoire without fail and are the kinds of ingredients, snacks and side dishes for which the term "super food" was created.
What truly defines a "super food" depends on exactly what you're hoping to get out of this particular item. Maybe for a food to be super in your eyes, you'll need something that gives you a blast of natural energy to replace your Redbull or cups of coffee throughout the day. For some, super foods help promote weight loss or increase the ability of your immune system to help fight infections in lieu of antibiotics or other prescribed medication.
The idea that foods can work as well as medication is both interesting and remarkable, suggesting that fighting disease is no longer just between patient and doctor, and excludes natural remedies. In addition, plenty of consumers look to food as their salvation from every day ailments, whether that's stiff joints or stomach or digestive issues.
Did you know pears actually have an active ingredient that helps with digestion? Pears also score big when it comes to lowering cholesterol and is the kind of "sugary" snack you should be reaching for on a consistent basis instead of chocolate or candy.

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Certain foods like chickpeas and oatmeal often are used by those battling the bulge since these foods help make you feel fuller and longer, and would be highly advisable alternatives to dairy, ice cream or milkshakes. Those latter foods are calorie killers and actually might make you feel as though you're hungrier than you actually are.
You also can't go wrong with fruit and vegetables as part of your diet, too. From pears to oranges and anything that is leafy and green, these foods boost your metabolism and fight off anything from the common cold to cancer, and also work as detoxification foods for your body. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are especially potent in this regard.
With obesity and being overweight getting terribly out of control, most who struggle with weight never learned how to make the right decisions when it comes to food, whether they learned bad habits from their parents or just have a sweet tooth that is derailing their progress.
A cultural change is in order as far as that goes, and that should include searching out the foods, drinks and supplements that work for, rather than against, your body.

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