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Simple things: Why certain products just make life easier

Plenty of people have spent sleepless nights channel surfing and watching infomercials for anything from hair in a can to a plethora of table top kitchen appliances that do anything from dehydrate food to cooking an entirely frozen chicken in only minutes.
As miraculous and visually impressive as those products might be, they tend to flounder for a variety of reasons. In the case of the table top ovens, you have to wonder just how much you'll use it, and how invasive and time consuming the cleanup is going to be.
As far as hair in a can, you'd be hard pressed to find too people that will volunteer to spray paint their head.
From the bizarre to the questionable, you actually find some products that score big with consumers just based on being simple and practical, not a whole lot of the proverbial bells and whistles but rather a gadget or device that takes an every day annoyance and turns it into much smoother sailing.
These are the kind of inventions and products that make you step back and mutter to yourself six words you won't soon forget: "Why didn't I think of that?"

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Well, even though you may have missed out on a million dollar idea doesn't mean you can't enjoy them anyway. Even though you won't be cashing in on the revenue or reaping the rewards any time soon, you can at least make life a little easier for yourself.
Take for instance the brains behind the Clean Cubes and Wallhub.
The latter is revolutionary and remarkably applicable to a wide audience, those of you who have trouble storing keys or your mail, even a pair of shades from time to time. Wallhub simply attaches to your light switch as a hook or sleeve, depending on which version you buy, and puts all the items you tend to lose on a regular basis literally at your fingertips. Hanging keys, sunglasses and even places for your mail or phone are made that much sleeker thanks to Wallhub.
And speaking of sleek and stylish, who knew you could make recycling or trash so fashionable? Clean Cubes did that with their unique take on recycling, storing trash and create places to dump your garbage throughout the home, without making every room in your house an eyesore.
Clean Cubes are functional trash cans for storing garbage or recyclables. They're equal parts sturdy trash liner and decorative sleeve. This makes having a party or going on a picnic that much easier without toting around a gross or unsightly trash bag with you. Your typical party d├ęcor when it comes to randomly placing additional trash cans around the house usually consisted of black or white trash bags hanging from door knobs or wheeling in that massive can from the curb.
Clean Cubes gives you an easier, cleaner looking alternative to hanging trash bags or small, useless plastic cans scattered through the home.
Both Clean Cubes and Wallhub understand that not all new or innovative products need to be technologically driven or appeal to the gadget savvy crowd. Instead, they managed to produce something that means more to the masses than an app for a phone: peace of mind knowing that there's someone looking out for you to the point that they're trying to make every day a little less hectic along the way.

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