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Watch and learn: Apple tells all other smart watches to take notice

Apple already rules the world when it comes to computers, tablets and portable music players, so why not just go ahead and make it a clean sweep with their latest endeavor: the smart watch.
Apple is set to debut its aptly titled iWatch this fall, and the anticipation is palpable, and undoubtedly Apple wouldn't have it any other way.
Much the way Apple debuted all of its previous devices in grand fashion and superb spectacle, the new iWatch is going to come with all the slow build and eventual reveal that made the iPhone, iPad and iPod so highly touted.
The real selling point of the iWatch, according to multiple reports, is its ability to truly harness the power of health and track everything you could imagine when it comes to how you're feeling, the steps you're taking or how many miles you've logged.
This definitely isn't your grandfather's timepiece.

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In addition, Apple is going to alter the size of the screen to have varying options, as well as continue the touch display aspect of today's smart watches. Apple also is experimenting with an iWatch that can charge without plugging into an outlet and that can connect wirelessly to the internet. Apple, however, is in rare air within the smart watch community since they're not the first one to fine tune these pieces of technology.
The Android crowd has been enjoying smart watches for quite some time, but anyway familiar with Apple knows that this company likes to fancy itself a game changer when it comes to virtually any product on the market, watches included.
Even with all the fuss and flamboyance Apple brings to the table when it comes to the smart watch, and even with the swirling discussions of Google potentially throwing their technological hat into the smart watch ring, you have to really wonder if these iconic, pioneering companies can reinvent a watch market that is sorely sagging and virtually nonexistent.
Sure, plenty of consumers still like to peruse the watches within the confines of the shopping mall or treat themselves to a new Rolex from time to time, but to say watches are overly popular is a gross overstatement.
Smart watches might be just what the watch community needs to start believing wrist watches can be hip and popular again. Granted, those who love to buy a fine time piece probably aren't the same crowd that will clamor for smart watches, but that's really not the demographic Apple, Samsung and Google are gunning for with their latest creations.
They've taken the idea of a watch and are attempting to transform it into a multi faceted faceplate that makes telling time seem incredibly prehistoric, sort of like how those same companies took the cellular phone and made the masses forget that it makes calls, too.
Not everyone is going to have the patience or spare income to spring for a smart watch, but chances are fairly good that if the features and "wow" factor from Apple and their counterparts is anything like what we've seen as far as tech devices in the past, consumers can convince themselves that the smart watch actually is a good idea.

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