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Tooth delay: Why certain foods leave your teeth tainted

When it comes to foods that stain your teeth and turn that pearly, white smile into something that looks less than stellar, the usual suspects are easy to point out in a lineup.
Coffee, tea and darker colored juices like cranberry or grape always find themselves on the most wanted list as far as the drinks that don't do our teeth any favors. Companies that make millions selling whitening strips, toothpaste or anything else that helps keep teeth white and wonderful probably love the idea of that two cups per day coffee habit or always having to have an iced tea with lunch or dinner.
But consumers spend a small fortune on these products and really don't have to as long as they watch what they're drinking and eating.
A lot of times those who struggle with stained, dirty teeth take coffee or tea out of their daily rotation but still are struggling to keep those teeth as white as they possibly can be. That's because eliminating coffee or tea might not be truly addressing the problem wholeheartedly but rather only assuming the items we know cause problems are the only ones worth noting.
Most don't realize that other food and drink favorites are equally taxing on your teeth, everything from apples to foods that are pickled. Apples are acidic, and they may keep the doctor away but what about the dentist? He or she most likely is waiting patiently as those apples are slowly taking away that tooth enamel. No one with any sense is going to tell you to stop eating apples per say but just to make sure that, like any food that wreaks havoc on your teeth, you rinse your mouth out after or make it a habit of brushing your teeth after every snack or meal.

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Equally acidic and always a bothersome drink when it comes to your teeth is soda, especially of the diet ilk. Diet soda takes your tooth enamel to the limit, and typically the soda rarely loses that battle. And as long as you're ditching the diet soda, why not limit the amount of sugar you're ingesting. Plaque that forms on your teeth lives and breaths off the sugar you put in your body, almost as if plaque feeds that hard candy you can't kick or something that you believe is healthy (i.e. peanut butter) but still is setting you back quite a bit when it comes to your oral hygiene.
Nothing is as inviting and welcoming as a beautiful smile. It can help you make friends, meet that special someone or even land a job just from flashing those whites. The flip side to your smile being a total winner is it being so oft putting that you're actually making life more difficult by not brushing or particularly if you're not picking the perfect foods for your teeth.

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