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Face off: Why guys should embrace keeping face washed and wonderful

Most men don't have much issue leaving a little 5'o clock shadow on their face or keeping things a little scruffy or manly when it comes to their hair.
If nothing else, it's part of their look.
But what shouldn't be incorporated by any guy when it comes to grooming and staying clean is using bar soap on your face or assuming that spending as little as possible on a good shampoo, conditioner or body wash that isn't just called "body wash" is a waste of time and money.
In addition to implementing a health diet, exercise and not letting the day to day stress get to you, men might want to consider investing in something more than bar soap and a cheap, harsh wash cloth to keep their face, neck and body clean.
Often the sentiment among men is that going above and beyond when it comes to hygiene or grooming in the form of using anything more than soap and water is excessive, and facials, pedicures or going above and beyond the norm isn't necessarily.

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Truthfully, that thinking is incredibly short sighted and outdated. Skin is skin, and granted men might not be inclined to spend hundreds at the salon but forgoing a four or five dollar body wash or face scrub shouldn't even be contemplated.
A lot of what is available for men hardly would be described as bells and whistles but rather practical and remarkable for what they're able to do. Shaving can be a taxing endeavor for any man, particularly when you're using razor and shaving cream and not an electric one. From cuts to bumps and bruises, shaving should be done with a razor that is relatively expensive and of a quality ilk. But the real winner when it comes to men and grooming is finding a pre and post shave gel that keeps you free of breakouts or the ever present irritation; something that cools but doesn't burn.
As far as body wash, you want to look for something that is good enough for your torso as well as the top of your head, such as a hair and body wash in one bottle. These are a little tough to come by as far as finding one that is worthwhile, but even Gillette or Old Spice scores big with quality, minus the higher price point.
Treating your face and body like just another spot on your body that can't be seen sure seems like a bad idea. Buying face wash or body spray doesn't make you any less of a man. In fact, you'll look, smell and, most importantly, feel more confident and better as a result.

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