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Energy booster: Feeling upbeat and full of life goes above and beyond food and drinks

Whether you're putting in 12 hours days at the office or can't seem to juggle the hustle and bustle of work, kids, dinner and after school activities, you'll at one point or another ask yourself one very important question regarding your stamina, or lack thereof.
"What can I do to get more energy?"
Most of the time, the talk turns toward the foods you're eating (or not eating) and what you're drinking on a daily basis. Those of you whose day bookends with a cup of coffee and is filled in between by sweets, snacking or a lack of fruits or vegetables probably won't have to look far to figure out what's causing you to crash in the early afternoon.
Naturally, diet is easily the best way to solve your fatigue, provided another more serious issue isn't present. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your daily regimen in place of chips, candy or sweets could easily turn around your tired eyes within a matter of days or weeks.
That said, food and drinks aren't the only ways to boost your mentality and energy throughout the course of the day. Your body definitely needs the right fuel, but a few adjustments to how you're going about your business could easily do the trick, too.

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One aspect of your personal energy crisis could be you're burning out too quickly in the morning, and not leaving yourself enough fuel for the rest of the day. Mornings, for some, tend to be the busiest part of your day. Making lunches, preparing breakfast, showering and getting the kids (or your significant other for that matter) off to school or work, respectively, leaves you feeling exhausted before 9 a.m., not to mention now you have to go to work yourself. The energy conscious crowd might decide to have a little "me" time and get up a little earlier.
And, as long as you're awake, why not hit the gym first thing in the morning?
Exercising before anything else tends to give you the type of energy boost that will last throughout the day, and also will help you sleep better that night. Far too often, exercise is an after work affair that either gets skipped due to being too busy or is done so late at night that you ironically have trouble falling asleep and being even more exhausted the next day.
As part of your day, too, you might want to consider using your lunch break for eating and a walk around the parking lot or building. Part of that afternoon malaise you're having could be just as simple as the old art of being sleepy after you eat. Why not have a power packed, efficient lunch and then take a 10 minute stroll through the halls or outside, weather permitting, to help stave off your feelings of exhaustion?
Changing your diet does wonders for helping with chronic fatigue, but that alone isn't going to solve your woes. You'll also have to work diligently to changing habit and the culture by which you go about your day.

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