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Socially stunning: Is social media stunting your career path?

The days of applying online for a job and simply submitting a one dimensional resume and cover letter are done.
Employers still are screening with that resume and cover letter in mind initially, but beyond that hiring managers and human resource personnel might implement more than just those aforementioned means of determining who is best for the job.
Although those in charge of hiring might not openly admit this practice, you'd be surprised to find that some of them might search out would be candidates to see how they're portraying themselves on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets.
To some HR gurus, this might give them a little more insight into the character of the person they're thinking about hiring, and whether they foresee them being a problem child once they're on board. Any inkling that they could be offering a position to someone that isn't cut from the cloth they want could turn a job offer into a "no thanks."
And for those who already have a job, you'll most likely be safe in the position you're already in, but what about that promotion you've got your sights set on in a few months? Your boss has little or no qualms with your work or the understanding of the job you've demonstrated but they might be checking out how you're going about your business on the various social media channels you're participating in on a daily basis.

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Thinking that just because you're the best person for the job doesn't mean you should be posting wild, crazy weekend photos from that trip to Atlantic City. Your boss might see you as a liability for Monday morning call offs or just someone they don't want to associate with as a colleague.
And your social media messages and postings don't always have to center on what you're doing but also focuses on what you might be saying. No one wants to see you posting how much you hate your job, the company you work for or how much you think your co workers are out to get you. That sends the message that you're not a team player, nor do you have any interest in playing nice while you're within the office.
This doesn't mean that any fun filled weekend is completely off limits or you can't grip privately about co workers or the person who signs your paychecks, but rather more about exercising good judgment and not celebrating excess to the point that your company or supervisor is going to think twice about promoting you or, in some cases, hire you at all.

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