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Moved to tears: Is the thought of moving yourself making you fret?

Aside from death and public speaking, moving ranks as one of the more stressful endeavors you can undertake for a variety of reasons, most notably the notion that you're supposed to pack up your life in boxes and hope that you can transport from one location to another in one piece.
That doesn't include renting a truck, sheepishly asking friends to help you and assuming that you won't ruin at least one (or several) pieces of furniture or smash at least a few boxes along the way.
No matter how you slice it, moving isn't fun. Those who don't mind moving will argue that it takes preparation well ahead of moving day and a penchant for packing sporadically rather than putting it off until the 11th hour.
Those are remarkably prudent and practical suggestions but doesn't eliminate the actual art of having to pull off a move itself. Few have the luxury of taking days or weeks to move all their things or have the ability to stretch out the process beyond just that one, lone day.
That said, you still can rid yourself of some stress with something as simple as labeling the boxes for each room and packing what you'll need right away in a box that you can easily and clearly get to without much trouble.

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And if you're going to move on your own, you definitely don't want to skimp on the packing or the transportation. You should invest in plenty of bubble wrap and stretch wrap for your delicate items and boxes, respectively, along with making sure you pack breakable items correctly. Don't stack your dishes or fine china, and be sure to properly secure anything makeup or grooming relates that might contain a mirror or sharp edges.
Arguably the best part of the move has to be the amount of friends and subsequent help you'll receive to carry all those boxes, right? Friends, even the close ones, aren't happy to help you move, even if they tell you otherwise. That's why you need to do two things for them as a thank you: buy them lunch or dinner for the assistance and, more importantly, make sure you're ready for them when they arrive. Nothing is more annoying to a helper than you doing last minute packing, while they're standing there watching your procrastination at work. Their time is just as valuable as yours, so try to at least be prepared before they show up ready to get to work, because they want out of there as fast as possible.
No one tip or trick is going to suddenly make moving enjoyable or welcoming to both the people helping move boxes or the person moving, either. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least make an attempt to be organized with at least an outline of what you'd like to accomplish effectively.

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