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Spending glee: Certain expenses actually save you cash

The old adage of "you have to spend money to make money" often applies to the business world, more specifically businesses of all shapes and sizes investing in marketing or upgrades in order to increase profits.
So why can't that old saying pertain to your personal finances as well? It certainly can.
Perspective truly is the great equalizer when it comes to how you spend your money. You can look at an item like a crock pot or plastic, refillable water bottle as nothing more than items you buy and nothing more when it actuality the financially savvy see those products as serious money makers. Even the segment of the population that rides their bike to work will tell you that it's exercise related and not necessarily saving on gas.
The crock pot is easily the best kitchen appliance for the busy mom or working dad who doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars each money on take out or fast food but also is strapped for time to prepare a home cooked meal from scratch when they get home at night. Instead, the crock pot is just as good as having a housekeeper or family member staying at home all day slaving over a hot stove. The crock pot allows you to prep meals the night before or the morning of, and let the slow cooker of sorts simmer and save money at the same time. Meals are hot and ready at dinner, with little or no effort needed from fatigued parents.
The plastic water bottle isn't a tough sell, either. Americans spend billions of dollars on bottled water each year, so the idea of spending $1-2 every day on a bottle water seems silly in comparison to buying a refillable bottle that doubles as a filtration system as well. Now, you can avoid spending more than $300 a year in water and stand pat, firm and tall at the water fountain and fill up for free.

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Those at home items work wonders for your budget, but what about when you leave the friendly confines of your home? Some narrow minded naysayers will tell you that your gym membership only adds to your expenses, but a closer look reveals otherwise. A $10 or $15 per month gym membership might cost some up front cash but keeping your body healthy and in shape saves you thousands per year on anything from high insurance deductibles, various medicines and doctor visits. All of that alone could easily take up half a year's salary but working to prevent it might be the saving salvation you're looking for this year.
You can easily make the logical assumption that saving money would center on not spending. That mentality isn't wrong per say but buying doesn't necessarily always have to lead to bad things. In the case of practical products, spending is going a long way to saving you plenty.

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