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Baggage lame: Extra fees put damper on travel

Nothing takes the wind out of your summertime sails in terms of flying specifically and traveling in general like additional expenses and fees that find their way into your planning and budgeting.
Perhaps no entity is quite as guilty or is pointed at as a culprit more so than the airlines and their propensity for baggage fees for everything from your carry on luggage to a charge just for checking your own bag.
The latter is especially taxing and terribly unnerving given that charge can be as much as $100 with some airlines. The question that simply can't be answered with a straight face is how do you justify having to spend money to check in a bag that is yours? Add the additional charge for carry on luggage and you've likely already spent nearly half on baggage that you did on the entire ticket, a staggering statistic that makes you question whether you'll ever fly again.
And you'll really question just how "friendly" those skies are when you take into consideration that some airlines are charging for drinks, snacks and even blankets and pillows. Nothing says "enjoy your flight" quite like being shaken down for an extra $20 to relax.
From flying to driving, not much vexes the vacationer quite like the rising cost of gasoline, which is expected to tip the scales at more than $4 throughout most of the summer. That figure figures to play more than just a small role in planning your road trip. Some would be travelers might want to consider their full time vehicle and shift into perhaps renting a car that saves the entire clan some serious cash this summer. Not only will you save on the wear and tear on your vehicle, but you'll definitely spend less money in gas during the trip.

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And as long as your vacation is meant to be equal parts enjoyable and practical, you should skip the drive thru windows and the temptation to stop at a sit down restaurant every time you eat and instead opt for the brown bagging and sandwiches made at home before the excursion began.
Summer is the season tailor made for travel, and that point hardly can be argued. What you can debate over is just how you're going to get from point A to point B without sacrificing the quality of your vacation and yet still finding a way to cut corners.
You can achieve both with just a few minor modifications to your driving route and exercising a little patience when it comes to those pesky airplanes.

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