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Dog days: Heat and other summertime threats put damper on dogs

Man's best friend might be in for the worst summer possible if pet owners and dog lovers alike don't start stressing how proper procedure when the weather turns hot is imperative.
Aside from the heat and humidity, dogs are faced with plenty of adversity and treachery as spring turns to summer and the weather dramatically changes. Anyone who fancies themselves as a dog person shudders every time they walk past a car with a dog in the front seat and with no ventilation. Some assume that dogs can withstand the heat more so than all of us, but that sentiment is terribly off base. Experts have noted that the temperature inside a dog goes up 20-30 degrees versus what the actually temperature is outside.
Dog owners also should consider shortening the length of walks when the weather is hot, hazy and humid and should invest in some sort of apparatus that allows you to carry cold water with you at all times.
And did you know that dogs actually can get sunburn just like humans? That fact often is overlooked when dogs are left lying on the beach or outside on a leash with little or no leeway to get into the shade.
As much as summer shows its true colors with the hot weather, insects and food play a pertinent role in the health and wellness of your dog. No matter what time of the year it is, pets shouldn't be eating table food. The tendency in the summer months is to shower your loveable dog with dishes filled with leftovers like steak, chicken and anything else that falls off the grill. Dog owners would rather hand over just about any type of barbeque to their dog before they'd chuck it into the yard, but that notion is no better in July than it is in December.

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In addition to table scraps and food, dogs are devoured by insects such as ticks and bees for the better part of the summer, and owners should be quick to check for bites and stings, respectively. Ticks can be especially bad for dogs, along with difficult in trying to find them. Investing in a tick key or comb can help rid your dog of these pesky insects and make your life easier versus attempting to find these tiny creatures across you dog's vast body.
Bees might be just as annoying and dangerous as ticks for your dog, particularly if your dog happens to be allergic to stings. As is the case with any insects, owners need to understand their surroundings. Ticks, for example, love high grass, and underground bees nests almost exclusively in the woods, too.
Dogs undoubtedly have been waiting for months during the winter to finally get out and roam around without the cold, snow and ice. Summer isn't quite the salvation you believe if you think nothing can put your pet in harm's way.

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