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Job opening: How to gain that promotion without self promotion

Nothing feels quite like getting that call or in person affirmation regarding the promotion you'd be hoping for since you first started working for a particular company.
But getting to that apex in your career isn't quite as cut and dry as you think, nor is it something that is done overnight. You might be looking at a trajectory that spans years if not decade, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few things you can do to either expedite the process or put yourself in the best possible standing when the time comes to fill a vacancy within the organization.
If you're a new employee and you have intention on garnering a position or role above what you're doing now, then make those intentions known through your work ethic. That doesn't mean becoming best buds with your boss or pandering to their out of work interests to get ahead, but rather ask for additional work or to learn how to do something that is outside of your job descriptions.
Bosses love when their employees inquire about other tasks they can carry out, and they're often quick to hand out that work if the employee shows the gumption and wherewithal to go above and beyond the status quo.
Following that procedure more than once will put you in the good graces of your boss at the moment and for future positions that might become available. As much as your willingness will win over your boss, you don't want to become too overconfident or arrogant when it comes time for a formal review. You should be humble, appreciative and keep the discussion to tangible goals you've achieved, rather than touting the job you wish you had or worse yet drop the word "deserve."

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Companies and managers alike loathe a sense of entitlement, no matter how talented you are as a worker. Often overlooked is the idea that you might not get the job you want, and if that doesn't pan out exactly how you should react. The last thing you want to carry around with you is anger or hostility toward the people behind the decision. Instead, your better bet is to ask important questions as to why you didn't consider or what you can do to get better. Asking constructive questions beats the notion that you should walk around the office being upset or bitter at either the manager that didn't choose or the person who got the position ahead of them.
Setting your sights on better employment is human nature and the ideal characteristic you want in an employee, as long as you follow a path to a promotion that is deemed appropriate.

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