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Flower powered: Picking flowers for any occasion should be a snap

When you think about the various and exquisite variations and arrangements of flowers, words like "beautiful," "moving" and "inspiring" come to mind, but the questions that remains isn't so much if the flowers are eye catching but whether their appropriate for a specific occasion.
Buying and sending flowers most likely seems like a simple endeavor and one that is a can't miss proposition but the wrong ones could easily send the wrong message or come across as unsuitable the upcoming birthday, bridal shower or romantic (at least you think so) get together.
Probably the most famous bouquet of flowers are the iconic red roses, notable for those dates between serious couples. Showing up for that first date will those same red roses could conceivably set the wrong tone for the evening. Depending on the nature of the relationship, you may want to tone down the color from red to pink or white.
As far as anniversaries, graduations or engagements, the most sane and simple advice is to adhere to the particular season you're in and begin devising a game plan based on the time of year. Summer gives way typically to graduation parties and color schemes rich in oranges and pinks. Those powered by their love of flowers also will tell you that the event should run parallel with how bright or demure the arrangement is.
Any type of get together or party should be rife with colors that pop, and steer clear of darker ones in the vein of blues and purples. When it comes to such events like funerals or wakes, the obvious choice is to go with something a little less eye catching but rather a meld of tasteful and celebratory of the person's life. That's why you'll see an eclectic mix of arrangements at funerals that includes red roses from the family to a nice, potted plant from a co worker or friends.

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And what about those flowers that are handed out for no reason and just for the sake of doing so?
Anything from carnations to orchids and even a few tulips and daisies make for remarkable gestures and gifts that need no rhyme or reason but rather simply come from the heart.
It's certainly possible to make a major misstep when you're putting together flowers for any occasion. If everyone had the eye or acumen to arrange flowers, there would be no need for florists or professionals in that area. Even if you're not necessarily an expert doesn't mean your flowers can't flourish in the face of any event on the horizon.

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