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Flat toppers: Summer shoes are about comfort but not in lieu of style

Summer often is quite the perplexing season when it comes to shoes, sandals and footwear. As much as you'd like to believe that every day will be nothing but sandals and shorts and never a need for anything more than that as you walk the beach and slowly but surely wait for Labor Day to arrive.
If that's your plan, think again.
Apparently those who have those delusions assume that they'll never walk more than a few blocks at one time or never have a need to spend an evening out somewhere that has a strict no sandals or open toe policy.
For women, high heels work wonders in the summer months, but realistically staying on path with those tall terrors could be difficult on your feet for the better part of the day. That's why ladies turn to sandals more often than not, especially ones of the designer ilk that are equal parts fashionable and practical, not to mention comfortable.
Anyone who has sifted through a closet of their mom, wife or sister know, however, that sandals aren't always flat or easy on the feet. Sling backs and ankle straps often supplant the traditional beach sandal for those summer nights out and about at restaurants or night clubs that aren't interested in you rocking your NIKE sandals.

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One thought would be for women to turn to flats, even though the name has somewhat of a negative connotative meaning. When you hear the word "flats," your mind wanders to shoes that your grandmother wore or something that doesn't allow you to show off at least a little skin this summer.
Companies like Ziera offer flats that flourish in comparison to what some visualize when they think about these particular types of shoes. They're adorable, amazing and remarkably stylish and comfortable. What sets Ziera apart from other shoe connoisseurs is the background and how the company was built. They're adept at technology when it comes to their shoes since the founders are two podiatrists, who clearly have a flare for fashion.
Even if you're not a foot doctor, you can still walk the walk when it comes to stepping out this summer season with shoes that go above and beyond the norm, minus the foot pain and grimaces you'll see from onlookers when they stare down at your shoes of choice.

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