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Screen gems: On screen couples that sizzle sometimes sink off screen

Ryan Gosling didn't like his "Notebook" co star Rachel McAdams, despite the onscreen love affair between the two being so remarkably believable and intense.
Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner, who starred together in the cute, playful and fun loving "13 Going on 30" 10 years ago, no longer are friends and haven't been for quite some time, even though they seemed so cute and buddy buddy in a movie that has morphed into a cult classic.
But Gosling, McAdams or Ruffalo and Garner aren't by far the only couples that made beautiful music together on the big screen, only to have an immediate butting of the heads or eventual fallout as friends. Given how popular the respective movies, "The Notebook" and "13 Going on 30" have become, it's nice to think and assume that what you saw on screen couldn't be a complete 180 degrees when the cameras stopped rolling
Turns out, it was.
Those four aforementioned actors join a laundry list of similar artists in their craft who know exactly how to turn on the charm when it counts and entertain the masses as a result.

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The late Patrick Swayze and his "Dirty Dancing" co star Jennifer Grey made the masses fall in love with them in the huge, box office smash in 1987, but Swayze told a different story years later when he said Grey was incredibly hard to deal with, and that's putting in lightly.
And the on screen buddy, buddy that goes bad isn't reserved for just romantic scenes. Wesley Snipes is one of the actors that apparently can't get along with any one, at least he was years ago when he filmed the "Blade" franchise. The late Marlon Brando made a career out of upsetting directors, producers, movie studios and co stars because the amazing, Oscar winning actor was equal parts dedicated to what he did, along with being a little nuts on top of it. Brando wasn't easy to get along with on set of "The Island of Dr Moreau," and Val Kilmer didn't help matters, either. Brando and Kilmer bickered back and forth, and the movie wasn't especially good, either.
In most cases when actors don't get along off screen, the project at hand ultimately suffers, such is the case with Brando and Kilmer. Movies like that one manage to get made but don't necessarily move the needle at the box office after movie goers get a glimpse of the clunky nature of the performances.
With Swayze, Grey and others that sizzled on screen, it's hard to imagine what went wrong when the director yelled "cut."
Call it good acting, remarkable casting calls or on screen chemistry that is can't miss.
You can also call it disappointing, too.

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