Top 5 favorite Seinfeld quotes

07/04/14 by Rennie Detore

The show about "nothing" celebrated something special this year: its 25th anniversary.
Despite initially being panned by critics and almost canceled after a few episodes, "Seinfeld" found more than just a home on the NBC network.
It changed the landscape of television sitcoms forever.

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Talking about just how creative, hilarious, memorable and iconic "Seinfeld" is easy and has been done for the last decade and a half. Even though the show hasn't been on television in more than 15 years, the legacy of the writing, acting and framework have been copied and admired from afar by others who have attempted to recreate what Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David created in 1989.
The sign of a good show truly is how referenced or beloved it is even after it's been off the air for quite some time, with the other being how often it is quoted.
"Seinfeld" has both of those bases fully covered.
The quotes, especially, define just how amazing "Seinfeld" still is, especially given the show took the sitcom mold and decided the status quo simply wasn't going to cut it. Trying to whittle down the very best of "Seinfeld" to just a handful of famous lines would be almost as difficult as finding a person who never actually watched the show at least once.
1. "Remember, it's not a life if you believe it": This is the quintessential George Costanza line and truly encompasses the character. George uttered this to Jerry when he was attempting to pass a lie detector test as Jerry wasn't ready to admit to one of his many girlfriends that he was a fan of "Melrose Place." The George Costanza character did everything he could to manipulate, lie and cheat in just about any situation, so him imparting his wisdom on Jerry with such passion is pitch perfect writing and delivery.
2. "No Soup For You": The "Soup Nazi" as he was referred to on "Seinfeld" easily was the most famous non recurring character in the show's history. He didn't last for more than just one episode but his "no soup for you" line became synonymous with "Seinfeld" as a whole.
3. "The Sea was Angry that Day My Friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli": Another classic line from George as he's relaying the story of how he pulled a golf ball, hit by Kramer earlier in the episode into the ocean, out of the blow hole of a whale. Why was George trying to save a whale? Because, he was pretending to be a marine biologist to impress a woman he went to high school with, of course.
4. "Yada, Yada, Yada": This phrase perhaps arose from a writer suffering from writer's block, but it turned into pure gold as a way to leave out very important details from a conversation. George, for example, had his girlfriend use the "Yada, Yada" line instead of disclosing important information: like she cheated on George with her ex and stole a watch and skipped the bill on a facial.
5. "You doubled dipped the chip; it's like putting your whole mouth in the bowl": George was dating a girl who recently had a death in the family, so George became, as Jerry and Kramer put it, the "consolation guy" and helped escort his girlfriend back to her hometown to grieve. Of course, George tried to get a discount on the plane ticket and, while at the wake, double dipped chip much to the dismay of "Timmy," one of the girlfriend's relatives. Timmy turns around with the classic "it's like putting your whole mouth in the bowl" line that started a fight.

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