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Blast off: Why the Monday after the 4th of July is turning point in your exercise routine

Take a quick glance around the gym this Monday after this year's 4th of July holiday, and you'll see something this even more remarkable than the fireworks that just dazzled your eyes days earlier.
A packed house.
Health clubs and gyms in January see an incredible spike in attendance for obvious reasons. Everyone spent the better part of December doing two things that don't help your battle against the bulge: eat and shop.
The former is especially taxing on your would be toned physique as you begin stuffing cookies in your mouth more frequently than stuffing stockings. So when the new year rolls around, you decide the same, old exercise routine isn't going to cut it.
Thus, you join the gym, which around this tie of year is crowded beyond believe.

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Once March rolls around, the once jammed locker rooms and lines to the treadmill begin to wane significantly until the fourth day in July hits the calendar, and the hot dogs, beer and cookies start to seem all the more tempting again.
The truth is the general population is split up into two groups: those who realize that they're overeating on the 4th of July and make it a point to get to the gym and the others who inhaled a dozen brownies or hot dogs at various picnics and parties, and honestly think about working out right away but decide against it.
Depending on which group you fall into ultimately will determine how well you squeeze into that swimsuit or if you're giving that trip to the beach or theme park a second thought since you haven't made exercise part of your summer itinerary. That's not to say that if you do some serious eating damage on the 4th of July and decide to forgo the gym for a week or so after the holiday that you can't get back on track.
But two of the harder aspects of exercise are getting started and, a close second, getting started again after taking time off. The holidays, whether you're talking about Thanksgiving or the 4th of July center on parties, food shopping and plenty of planning. Some holidays like Christmas, for example, might take a little more patience and time when it comes to adding buying and coordinating which family members are coming or going. The 4th of July is equally popular for travel, particularly given the vacation time that is used over the summer months.
Amidst that hustle and bustle, however, you need to make it a point to remind yourself about one more crucial item on your to do list: exercise.

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