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Pay checked: Finding a high paying job without a degree isn't impossible

Traditional thinking as a high school senior most likely has you contemplating your next move, which most likely will be choosing a college to continue your education. For some, however, that path isn't quite the foregone conclusion you'd assume.
Between the rising cost of tuition and books, along with escalating and borderline insane price tag of housing at these campuses, students and parents are looking for alternate post high school paths that are quite as pricey but equally beneficial.
Some collegiate purists would argue that a college degree is the end all, be all of accomplishments when it comes to finding a job that is equal parts fulfilling and high paying, and that a high school diploma alone simply won't cut it.
That might be true to some extent, but there are some jobs and post high school education that doesn't include college but still flashes promise as far as pay scale and advancement.
The health care field might be the most remarkable field for those who aren't interested in continuing school in the form of college but want something career wise that is rewarding and profitable. Nursing became quite the hot job in the past five years to the point that the need for nursing went from significant to having too many applicants for the number of positions available in some states. But that hasn't stopped any and all ages, high school and those who already have completed college years earlier but haven't found success from their initial major.

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The same can be said for not only registered nursing but also other medical related jobs like respiratory therapy or dental hygienist, both of which pay exceptionally well.
That point especially points out the fact that college is important but not quite all its cracked up to be, particularly if you have a career in mind that pays well, like nursing, but doesn't require the same dollar amount or duration of schooling.
Naysayers who proclaim that the college or bust mentality still rules might want to think again about that steadfast, non negotiable ideology.
In addition to nursing, vocational schools that teach carpentry skills, electrical work or masonry mastery have seen a spike in enrollment thanks to the rising cost of college. These trades aren't any slouches, either, when it comes to pay. And neither is anything computer or web based, like web designing or computer repair work.
How you get to the job of your dreams has slowly transformed matter of fact and linear to outside the box thinking with other facets to consider, most notably money and the cost of schooling. Suggesting that college no longer works is ludicrous. Believing that college is your only worthwhile path, however, is equally head scratching.

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