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Cat suited: Is your house dominated by your cats?

Do you consider yourself a cat person?
Do your friends refer to you as the crazy cat lady, no matter if you have one kitten or an entire house filled with felines?
If any of those above questions can be answered affirmatively, you may actually qualify as being what is described as a "cat person," which isn't necessarily a bad thing and one that you can either deny or embrace depending on how proud you are of this title.
Those cat people who don't want to be saddled with that name might have to work a little harder to disprove this hypothesis, especially if their house or apartment sort of gives away their secret about just how many cats they have or if these pets rule your world.
One easy way to tell if the cat is king of your at home jungle is to take a quick count of how many pet beds or litter boxes he or she has within the house. The easy answer for people who control their cats fairly well is one. The ratio of cats to litter boxes is one to one, so if you have a lone feline roaming around the premises, and they have more than one litter spot or cat bed, then they're most likely running the show at home.

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If your cat is falling in line as it should be, they have a litter box in one room and, more importantly, have a sleep schedule that is less about them and more about you. Cats love structure, so it's paramount to put the onus on a schedule that you stick to no matter what the circumstances. For example, if you make it a habit to lock your cat up at night so you can rest, that's a good thing. Letting them run around the house and thus wake you up when it's time to play only puts you second in command of the owner and pet relationship.
And what about trying to get a little work done? As someone who works from home and has two cats, getting work done isn't an option but rather the norm. That doesn't mean cats don't wreak havoc on computer screens and laptop keyboards but you have to make sure you lock up that loveable pet while you're trying to get work done, or make it known right away that this behavior won't be tolerated.
No one wants to see your cat shunned or the relationship between you and your kitty begin to go sour but if you don't want that moniker of "crazy" or "cat lady," it is imperative to make your intentions known.
It's your house, and you'll be happy to share it but only under a certain set of parameters.

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