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Ready-made Results: So Many Workout Dvds, So Little Time

In a results-driven society and one that showcases the hustle and bustle and business of daily life, the happy medium between exercise and day-to-day endeavors is a constant struggle.
The fitness world tapped into this underlying feeling of fitness compromise and ushered in one workout DVD after another, most of which promise to deliver dynamic results either with little or no effort or "from the privacy of your own home." The other marketing tag line reads something along the lines of being able to expedite results without putting in hours at the gym.
That last promise is the one that resonates most with the general public. Work, kids, perhaps a second job, cooking, cleaning and everything else that comes throughout the day, week or month makes putting yourself ahead of those aforementioned tasks somewhat daunting. The thought of being able to train for 10-20 minutes a day seems more satisfying that sitting slumped in a chair by the end of the day.
Realistically, the majority of the masses have at least 20 minutes to work out each day. The notion that you don't have "any" time is unrealistic and probably means you're putting off at least attempting to get healthy for reasons known only to yourself. These DVDs cater to busy people; the ones who continually make excuses probably wouldn't even blink if they saw a two-minute workout DVD, much less 20. It's also important to note that if you're struggling with time, the using a high-intensity, cardio-blasting workout might be too much, too soon.
So with the great power of a realistic, quick workout DVD, comes great responsibility: Which workout DVDs get results the fastest? In a sea of competitors, some sink and other swim sensationally.

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Women clamor over the Personal Training with Jackie Warner "Xtreme Timesaver," which is a quick cardio-based, 30-minute DVD that incorporates strength training. Typically, strength training is viewed by women who need to lose weight as expendable, but the exact opposite is true. The combination of both is paramount for results.
Not surprisingly, Jillian Michaels -- the well-known fitness guru and TV personality -- finds her way onto the top of the list with her "Ripped in 30 with Jillian Michaels," which utilizes circuit training and increases in intensity as your continue through the multiple-DVD set. One of the biggest detractors and the reason most people quit on a workout is that it is too difficult too soon; Jillian Michaels, unlike her TV character, isn't there to be a boot-camp instructor but rather gradually goes from beginner to intermediate over the course of time.
No matter whether you welcome Jillian or Jackie into your home, the overall message is the same: no wasted time or effort and focusing primarily on sweating your way through a quick, physical workout that doesn't overtake your entire day.

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