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Make or break: Why your age shouldn't preclude how you save money

Saving money knows no boundaries and certainly doesn't discriminate when it comes to age.
Whether you're fresh out of college or winding down your career and looking at retirement, money is a true constant in how you not only save money but spend it and plan accordingly depending on just where you are financially at a particular stage in life.
Your 20s actually should be the age bracket when you do most of your saving, mostly because you'll be living at home or relatively modestly, relatively speaking. Your 20s allow you to finish school, begin working in some capacity while still having financial freedom under mom and dad's roof for at least a few years.
During that time period, your main objective should be to save as much money as possible. Unfortunately, how your 20s play out will determine how you roll into your 30s: either poor or complete with a remarkable nest egg. The big misstep most 20 something year old men and women make is taking the extra income they have and using it for purchases, products or items that are lavish and, quite frankly, unnecessary.
Do you really need a new car and that large monthly payment at 21?

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How about the need to have a tablet, laptop, smart phone and desktop computer within the walls of your childhood bedroom?
The best mantra for your 20s should be to continue living like the proverbial "poor" college student, and refrain from spending money eating out at restaurants, bar hopping and shopping sprees with no realistic end in sight.
Once your 30s bears down on you, life looks a little more adult oriented through older eyes when it comes to how you budget your money. You may opt to start saving more for a home or look closely into a retirement plan now that you're hopefully making a little more money. The only negative aspect of that type of spending is trying to bite off more than you can chew.
If your best friend buys a house worth $170,000, you don't have to follow suit. Spending within your means is a tough task in your 30s but doing so, along with paying off your college or school debt along with credit card bills, makes hitting for 40s a much easier thing to do in stride.
All of this saving at younger ages builds toward being able to live comfortably throughout retirement. Far too often, retirement finds the working masses looking for extra cash or even a part time job when they should be enjoying their twilight years.
Those who are in that predicament most likely can trace their misgivings back to when they were much younger.

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