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Wearing thin: Is wearable technology ever going to be commonplace?

Wearing thin: Is wearable technology ever going to be commonplace?

The release of the first iPhone felt incredibly special, as if no other technology really mattered, and nothing could truly top what you just feasted your eyes upon at that moment.
Fast forward to 2014, and the iPhone still finds itself an elite piece of equipment but the ever changing electronics market seems poised to put a new type of gadget front and center.

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The wearable technology market.
As more manufacturers start to contemplate what they believe is a shift toward watches and glasses that do as much or more as your smart phone and computer, one question looms incredibly large: Is wearable technology going to catch on to the masses?
The initial feeling around smart watches and Google Glass, both 1 and the upcoming second version, is that these are the types of products that appeal on to a small portion of the consumers, the ones that covet their technology to the point that they simply must own everything that hits the market, regardless of price point.
It's hard for the general public, particularly the individuals and families on a tighter than usual budget, to get too excited about spending hundreds on devices that seem practical at first sight but truthfully aren't essentials. Keep in mind that these customers might be the same group that perhaps just bought their first smart phone or tablet, and certainly aren't in a position or poised to drop more money on top of what they just spent.
In addition, how many average people are going to get overly excited or even know how to use Google Glass to the point that they'll be trading in their comfortable PCs, Macs or laptops to start focusing on a computer, tablet and smart phone hybrid that you wear on your head?
It seems a little bit of a stretch to say that everyone will be lining up in droves to start buying Google Glass the same way they would a new Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone. The same could be said for the wearable smart watches. Although these are a little easier to justify based on the fact that you put it on your wrist and it looks like something that isn't so out of place, like the Google Glass for example. The watches seem like they're more of a luxury given that most of what the watch does can be accomplished on your smart phone, just without actually getting your phone out of your pocket.
That might scream more lazy and eye catching, and once again does the consumer really need to have a watch and a smart phone?
The answer, at this point, seems like a pretty easy "no," but that doesn't mean the watches or Glass technology doesn't have the opportunity to become a household product at some point, but that doesn't seem like any time soon.

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