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Text subject: Is 'texting' really the most appropriate way to communicate

Take a closer look at the art and act of texting, and you'll quickly come to the realization that this form of communication is equal parts blessing and curse.
The blessing part is easy to identify, especially for those who communicate almost exclusively through this means. Texting is easy, quick and allows you to capture a thought the moment it crosses your brain's path.
This comes in handy particularly if you are apt to forget something and want to make sure you jot it down or get a message to someone the moment you think of it. Texting seems more acceptable for these little moments in life, rather than actually talking about anything emotionally charged or rather important.
Unfortunately, however, the masses that make texting their preferred means to talk to friends, family members don't have a buffer that tells them when something is better said in person, rather than words through a cell phone.
An easy starting point would be within the walls of your workplace or office. Texting certainly isn't off limits by any means, whether you're chatting with your boss or supervisor after hours or recapping the day with a fellow employee.

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Where some get themselves in trouble is when texting starts to take shape when you've made crucial work related decisions and decide to share them this way, rather than a face to face meeting. A lot of what ails texting as a whole is that it is simple to say your piece or make a point when you're not in the same room with the other person. That's why texting often gives the person sending the message a false sense of superiority.
Your thumbs might take you in the wrong direction career wise if you decide to text important information, such as figures or discrete business happenings, or worse yet tell your boss how you feel about he or she and angrily hit that send button.
Once that happens, there is no taking it back, and that's the dangers of texting.
In addition to staying clear of the text message when it comes to work, you also would be considered rude and tacky by telling friends and family members if you are engaged, having a baby or any other message that obviously deserves at the very least a phone call.
You remember phone calls, right? Believe it or not, your smart phone does more than give you sports scores, up to the minute weather reports and access to Facebook. You still can call people.
And at the very least, you want to consider the situation and at least a modicum of common sense when you decide if it's time to dial or text.

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