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Beach bagged: Practice patience and practicality when packing your beach bag

When it comes to the thought and anticipation of hitting the beach, the idea that your excitement and exuberance will get the better of you isn't that far fetched.
Especially when it comes to gathering everything you think you need to take with you in that packed, crammed beach bag.
The beach bag, for some, truly become more like a suitcase than suitable carrier that should include a few summertime staples but nothing more than those items.
Beach bags are supposed to be a reflection of what you need for a few hours on the beach and not what you think you need should you suddenly end up like Tom Hanks in "Cast Away."
Go ahead and take a quick glance around the beach, and you'll notice so many individuals and families alike dragging oversized bags, sometimes more than one, along with large scale umbrellas, chairs or even barbeque grills in tow as if they plan on living out the rest of their days on the hot, white sand.

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Truthfully, your beach bag needs the basics: sunglasses, sunscreen, bottled water (for the purposes of not being overly dehydrated after an hour or so soaking up the sun), towel or blanket and perhaps an umbrella as the only other non beach bag related item you'll bring with you. If you absolutely must have a beach chair with you, then make sure the umbrella is of a reasonable size.
If your beach bag has a few extra inches leftover after the essentials, you also can add smaller, discrete items like chap stick, snacks and, yes, your cell phone or mobile device.
Technology often is met with some resistance when it comes to the beach given two important aspects of the location: sand and heat. The latter can wreak havoc on your cell phone or tablet as gadgets definitely aren't made to withstand extreme heat.
Sand in your toes has nothing on getting a few handfuls of that stuff in your headphone jack or between the plastic piece that protects your phone, SIM card and battery.
And you certainly can't forget or overlook the water, too.
How many people have had their phone tucked away in their swimming suit or board shorts, only to jump into the cool, crisp ocean water and realize when they come up for air that they're gasping for it after they realize their cell phone was in their pocket?
Unless you're toting around a cell phone that is water and everything proof, you may want to wrap it in a sandwich bag or life proof case. Otherwise, your first stop after coming home from the beach is going to be the mobile carrier of your choice.
Phones aside, your best bet when you're piecing together the perfect beach bag is to think about what you'll need for the "now," rather than adopting a "what if" attitude. The latter thought process only is going to lead to an overstuffed, annoying beach bag that is going to weigh you, and your trip, down.

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