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Bottled up: Why water in a bottle isn't quite as wondrous as you think

Whether you're huffing and puffing on the treadmill or taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, it's hard to imagine not having that ubiquitous bottle of water in tow.
Bottled water is nothing short of a phenomenon with sales skyrocketing and companies constantly trying to jump over one another for supremacy in a field that is surprisingly competitive when you consider that the centerpiece of this revolution is just water.
But alas, bottled water reeks of convenience, but a lot of what makes this product so sought after is equal parts marketing and misconception. The marketing comes in the form of bottled water manufacturers assuring its customers that this water is pure and somehow healthier than what comes out of your tap at home. Some of these water connoisseurs will tell you that their water is bottled at the mouth of a particular stream off an island and will even argue that the taste is crisper and better than anyone else on the market.
Really, taste actually is one of the selling tools when it comes to water?
That suggestion shows just how misguided the consumer is when it comes to water and a desire to eat and drink healthy to the point that somehow they've been told some water is better than other. Truthfully, water from the faucet is the same as water that is bottled and sold at five times the price of how much you're paying on that water bill. Not only is bottled water incredibly pricey but the health affects of drinking bottled water might surprise you, and not in a good way.

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Of course, drinking plenty of water is always advised but the plastic that stores this so called pure water actually is filled with toxins that can make you ill as it seeps into the water. You especially want to stay clear of bottled water that has been sitting in a hot car; that makes the chance much greater you'll be exposed to that dangerous plastic residue permeating through your water.
And, think about this: most of those water cases you buy probably were stored inside a hot warehouse somewhere before it ended up at your grocery store.
If the health and price of bottled water, in addition to the misleading health claims, aren't enough to sway you away from it, think about how much waste those plastic bottles cause. The planet, along with your wallet, will thank you if you decide to invest in an at home water purifier or just do something remarkably novel when it comes to drinking water.
Put your glass under the sink and twist the handle on.

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