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Path to greatness: How to make your next career your last

When you start thinking about your career, where you are and where you'd like to be, you might be a little disappointed at your progress to this point and realistically could be contemplating a change in directions.
If you've reached that crossroads, you're certainly not in a class alone. Plenty of modestly success, career oriented individuals have taken stock in their salary, benefits and everything else career related and opted to step back and reevaluate their situation.
Where you go from that point is a crucial, paramount decision because you want your next move hopefully to be your last. At some point, you reach an age where making that type of drastic career change isn't an option. But if you're in your mid to late 30s, and you're not necessarily overjoyed at the moment, then why not start looking for a change of pace and turn over that proverbial leaf toward a little more prosperity.
All career sectors hardly are created equal, and some careers seem to be gaining steam while others aren't making much waves at all. Specialty trades such as nursing and web based design are sky rocketing, but the staples you want to stay close to are engineering, utility work and financial planning. The last job is especially important these days given the penchant for all ages to start planning for their futures now. This career also pertains to everything from financing new homes and cars, two industries that are starting to show more signs of life in recent years.
Often overlooked on this list is marketing and sales, a seemingly archaic job of sorts given the ability to access information immediately (marketing) and buy online without leaving your couch (sales). But marketing ironically is feeding off social media to the point that companies are hiring marketing slash social media directors for the companies. Big wig CEOs of Fortune 500 companies might know very little about growing their business through social media are quick to hire a slew of young, upstart social media experts that know how to manipulate this medium for maximum results.

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As for sales, the internet and online advertising has exploded and easily supplanted newspaper and magazine ads. Finding the right savvy salesperson to reach out to businesses with their best intention in mind as far as growing their business takes the right set of skills, most notably being able to communicate effectively.
Changing careers is nothing new but how you approach it might be something you want to tackle a little differently since this could be a make or break proposition.

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