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Fashion flub: Style often escape men and how they wear their clothes

Pay close attention to the next five guys you see walk by this summer and make a mental note of how they're dressed.
Any socks with sandals?
How about jean shorts that are at least one size too small?
Anyone see a tank top that is much too low around the neck for its own good?
These are just a few of the fashion misses that summer affords the eyes, but this season isn't the only one that showcases how men seemingly overlook fashion flubs that are easily fixable. If fact, some are incredibly common yet go unnoticed and can turn even the most chic and stylish outfit or ensemble into something that belongs exiled to the back of the closet.

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Easily the most annoying is the propensity for guys to refuse to buy dress shirts that fit them well. This typically results in shirts that bunch up at the belt and make you look a little chubbier than you actually are.
The trick to taming this mishap is to buy the size that fits you best, forgetting about going one size too big for that undershirt or too small to show off those pectoral muscles. Those men who buy too big might think they can outsmart that mentality by simply tucking their shirts and undershirt into their underwear or folding the shirt over like you're putting hospital corners on a bed sheet.
Neither one of these works as the shirt slowly but surely becomes undone throughout the work day.
You could apply this same thinking to the sports coat or suit jacket, both of which look remarkably bad when they're too small or big. A general rule of thumb is to make sure the end of the jacket before the arm stop right on top of your shoulders, and the seam doesn't go too far back or forward.
From oversized and undersized shirts and pants to something that is inexcusable: wrinkled clothing. As much as you think men realize how bad this looks, that doesn't stop at least a modicum of guys from unbelievably ignoring this glaring issue.
Ironing isn't exactly fun or enjoyable, but if you're pinched for time or rushing to get to work, toss those nylon or cotton pants in the dryer for a few minutes with a wet bath towel and it will alleviate most of those pesky wrinkles.
Men might think otherwise, but they don't get a free pass when it comes to looking disheveled or downright outdated with the clothing they wear. A little effort, coupled with basic fashion 101 guidelines, goes a long way to warding off woeful style trends.

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