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Model behavior: Seinfeld switches gears from silly to striking

Jerry Seinfeld isn't ready to give up his day (or night) job as an iconic funnyman, comedian and general all around legacy as one of the most innovative and creative visionaries in television history.
You remember that little show called "Seinfeld," right?
Of course you do.
When you've had that type of success in one genre, you pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever you want with the rest of your career.
Even if that means completely changing directions. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Seinfeld showed up recently in the news but this appearance had nothing to do with new material or a project in the works. Rather, Seinfeld made his modeling debut for Rag & Bone, more specifically their 2015 summer collection of looks for men.
Seinfeld loses the smile for at least a few poses and looks a little more rugged that you're probably accustomed to seeing him. A little 5 o'clock shadow and a bit of a modeling scowl has Seinfeld turning heads for a different reason.
While Seinfeld most likely is going to stick to what made him the richest actor in the world, his temporary transformation from comedian turned runway model might be the kind of marketing and sheer genius that more men's clothing companies should take.
Granted, Seinfeld hardly would be perceived as an "every man" given his net worth, fame and talent but putting someone, aside from his financial portfolio, that doesn't model professionally or isn't chiseled from stone actually showcases the clothing line better than if it were being worn by a guy with bulging biceps or a tapered V shape to his torso.
Seinfeld, from a looks and body type perspective, is just an average guy who is wearing an ensemble of men's clothing that is equal parts comfortable, cool and stylish. Because he's both famous and non intimidating in the clothing, men might be more inclined to buy or at least try to pull off a look they feel like is worth attaining.
How many of you guys have flipped through a Men's Health or GQ magazine and felt as though what you were looking at wasn't possible? It's hard to believe a celebrity worth almost a billion dollars puts you at east from a fashion standpoint, but that's exactly what is happening here.
Seinfeld's television series may have been about "nothing," but his forage into fashion is something worth discussing, if for no other reason then he may have reached an entirely new demographic and market of men by just being himself.

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