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Protect and serve: Anti virus often does its job but remains terribly frustrating

Tell a computer "geek" or a tech savvy person that you hate virus protection, and then take a seat and be prepared to be verbally accosted in the vein of how inane and rather dumb you are.
Naturally, the argument for virus protection is one that is sound and makes perfect sense: it protects your computer from being engulfed and destroyed from within.
Internet protection and security, in addition to viruses that find their way on to your computer, is a problem that most every PC owner will run into at one time or another, so combating against it is paramount.
A few reasons why we skip the virus protection: price, laziness, annoyance and the general "this can't happen to me and my computer" feeling about viruses.
Some of the famous comments you'll hear from customers: "I don't visit any web sites that would give me trouble," or "every time I load a virus scanner or software is slows down my computer."

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The latter sentiment actually holds a little bit of credibility for anyone who's picked the wrong anti virus software for their PC. How annoying is it to load software that is designed to protect your computer only to have the inclusion of it slow down your desktop or laptop to a crawl?
As frustrating as that is, it hardly compares to the idea of having your PC picked apart from within by a virus that may render your device worthless or, worse yet, begin to invade your privacy that includes but is not limited to banking information or access to credit card numbers.
The real issue at hand isn't so much if you should have virus protection on your computer but rather which one to choose. That inquiry almost exclusively leads to more questions.
Is free virus software any good?
How much should a reputable, virus protection software cost?
You certainly don't want to spend hundreds on a software, and there are some solid free ones to choose from as well. Where customers tend to get in trouble is downloading or buying the kind of anti virus software that is tailor made to slow down your PC.
Instead, research rules all, and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that virus software is not created equal. You want to stick with the major players in the field like Kaspersky, McAfee and Norton, all of which make a pretty amazing series of products. And you're spending limit should be no more than $50. For that price, you'll get something worthwhile and that works wonders to protect your PC.
And isn't that exactly what you've always been looking for in a virus software?

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