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Customer disservice: Why catering to customer is a lost art form

Lots in the midst of online shopping, ordering products through a computer or buying a piece of technology from a "team member" who doesn't work on commission is the idea that customer service has been rendered obsolete.
A lot of what is described as customer service no longer is paramount or pertinent in the eyes of companies and industries that are churning out sales at record paces but in turn losing a sense of customer relationships as a result.
The days of selling directly to someone are slowly becoming extinct and so is the notion that customer service still is a pillar of business and should be taken as serious as your bottom line sales figures.
For those companies that still put a high priority on customer service and how they're perceived in the public eye, they don't just churn out average but rather above and beyond in terms of quality assurance in a number of facets. You can argue that customer only care about the product or service paid for and that customer service rarely comes into play. That thought process is flawed if for no other reason than hanging on the assumption that all of those aforementioned products or service will work without any issues.
Customer service is the link between disgruntled customer swearing off a company for good or repeated returning business. Ironically, the arrival of online shopping for smaller entities requires peak customer service skills and a penchant for pleasing the customer. Not everyone is Amazon, Macy's or Best Buy and can afford to send off customers unhappy. What's a few hundred people when you're making millions?

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Truthfully, a lot.
And that's why customer service is so remarkably pertinent to perfect.
Those adept at customer service know exactly what to say and the questions to ask. Some staples of superior customer service include allowing the customer to vent and agreeing with them no matter how inane or ridiculous their claims might be. FedEx comes to mind as one of the companies that has perfected the art form.
Another way to solidify your place as a customer service champion is to actually handle the claim or issue on your own. Far too many sub par customer service persons and companies simply find a supervisor or manager to make nice with the consumer instead of doing it on their own. A customer service representative with a sense of direction and purpose easily usurps others who lean far too heavily on the manager.
The final piece of perfecting customer service is perhaps the easiest: feedback. Customer service has the word "customer" in it for a reason. The goal is to make the consumer happy, plain and simple.
And like any other skill, some are good and others not so much. It's the former that keeps customers flocking back for more.

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