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Day time dreaming: Do fun jobs actually exist?

When you attempt to come up with words that describe your jobs, chances are words like "fun," "enjoyable" and "exciting" probably aren't on the tip of your tongue.
That is, of course, unless you're one of the few that chose a career that invigorates you each and every time you go into the office.
Ironically, however, the key to happiness when it comes to work seems to be not having a traditional office at all. As far as careers go, some of the most gratifying come minus the desk, chair and supplies but rather force workers to think and play outside the box.
Speaking of playing, did you know that playing video games or just talking over cartoon characters or actually playing one are high paying jobs? You might assume the latter is only for the famous, but voice over work isn't just for Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.
OK, so maybe you won't be cast alongside Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in "Toy Story 4" (if that ever happens), but that doesn't mean you neighborhood theme park isn't in the market for some energetic spokespersons who aren't afraid to don a giant head and wave at crowds of people. A lot of theme parks and attractions are doing more 3D and even 4D cartoon shorts that employ the voices of regular people. That kind of experience is invaluable. And that's just a starting point for what could up being a career at Disney playing a princess or one of the loveable characters for quite a handsome sum of money.

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And as long as you're talking about playing, why not ditch the briefcase and pick up that video game controller? Even though your mom told you were wasting your time playing video games, she may have been a little off with her sentiment. Professional video game player isn't just what you call you and your friends in your basement but rather is a real career. Imagine getting a paycheck for sitting at home and playing video games. Some of these "professionals" enter tournaments and let the game playing pay the bills.
If you're looking for something more customary, plenty of job polls put the likes of astronaut and pilot at the top of the list. The latter gets to travel the world and the former is an out of this world career that is worth at least mulling over for a few minutes before you enroll in bland, old business school.
There's certainly nothing wrong with the norm. Jobs in fields like marketing, sales, medicine and law pay a nice salary, but going about a career choice with a temperament that is more tantalizing than tame works, too.

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