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Thicke and thin: Union between singer and flower mogul might be huge mistake

Robin Thicke is on thin ice with his fans, the general public and his ex wife, Paula. So the music singer and superstar did what any sheepish, apologetic man would do.
He got flowers.
Well, more like he got flowers inspired by his plight.
Thicke and 1800-Flowers.com have partnered together to put at a line of flowers inspired by his new album, "Paula," named after his estranged wife. Thicke has been laying it on, well, thick as far as his openly public pleas to get his wife back, including releasing an album in her honor.
Whether that works or not is up for Robin and Paula to worry about, but 1800-Flowers.com should have some concern as well.

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Pairing up with Thicke a year ago would have been a match made in retail and revenue heaven. Thicke was at the top of his game roughly 12 months ago and seemed destined for even more success as the days and weeks turned into months and years.
Much like star status has taught us for years, the fall of grace can happen quickly. And suddenly. Thicke isn't exactly in a free fall by any means but rather somewhat of a slump.
Thicke and his wife separated, and his album "Paula" is hardly the success that he would have hoped, and his popularity seems at an all time low. Maybe Thicke can blame this all on Miley Cyrus and that inexcusable MTV Video Music Awards or his private life becoming very public, but 1800Flowers.com is taking a huge gamble hitching their brand to him.
Essentially, 1800Flowers.com has created two sets of bouquets, aptly titled "Get Her Back" and "Forever Love." The former is 100 long stem roses for about $350, and the latter is 12 or 18 roses. Both bouquets include the "Paula" album to download as part of the deal.
The flower company believes that Thicke working diligently to get his wife back is sweet, kind and touching. But are fans of the singer and flower lovers around the world going to be inclined to agree?
You can argue that his popularity still is more than just adequate, and Thicke will translate into millions of dollars in sales once his reputation and recordings bounce back in a big way. That's fine for now if Thicke is on the road to returning to his prominence, but that isn't exactly the ringing endorsement that 1800Flowers.com was looking for at this very moment.

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