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Totally immune: How to keep your baby's room free of germs

Go ahead and pick one room in your house that concerns you when it comes to bacteria and germs.
The bathroom. Maybe.
The kitchen. Probably.
For those of you who have children, however, the answer is clear cut.
The baby's room.

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Plenty of concerned parents spend sleep nights thinking about everything from baby's wipes to disinfecting spray to combat and eliminate any and all germs and keep their kids as healthy as humanly possible.
Some moms and dads have the belief that germs are a good thing, and that being overly clean around their kids won't "toughen up" their immune systems. The feeling is that kids should be exposed to some sort of germs so their bodies get used to being sick.
Sadly, that thinking is totally off base. Essentially, germs are germs, and anyone, including kids, are going to get sick when exposed to viruses and bacteria.
So how do you keep your kids' rooms or nursery free from germs?
The simple answer is fill your cleaning repertoire with enough antibacterial sprays and wipes to fill an entire linen closet. Pay particular attention to the changing table where dirty diapers run roughshod over normally clean areas. No cleaner should come into contact with hands, face or skin, regardless if you're a full grown adult or baby. Using antibacterial wipes, for example, won't hurt because you're not using the wipes to actually wipe skin or faces.
As long as you're cleaning, make sure you don't wipe down the kitchen stove or upstairs toilet and use the same rag or wipes in the baby's room. Transferring germs is what you'll be doing, when your intent is to be clean.
Cleaning blankets, bibs, under garments and socks as much as possible also will play a crucial role in keeping the nursery clean. The combination of the kitchen and nursery can wreak havoc when it comes to germs, so anything food related that comes in contact with your baby or their clothes needs to be tossed in the washer as soon as possible.
In addition to keeping changing tables and clothing clean, you may want to keep a close eye on the pets and their dander. That includes vacuuming at least three times per week, and paying closer attention to certain animals within the home. Our home has a pet bearded dragon, and she carries salmonella so she'll stay in her cage for the better part of the day.
You're undoubtedly a clean person overall, so keep doing what you're doing. Stepping up your game a bit by paying close attention to the nursery and how you're cleaning it wouldn't hurt, either.

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