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Fit to be mine: BeFit brings exercise directly to your door

Somewhere between craze and driving your crazy, fitness is somewhere in the middle.
The idea of exercising and adopting a consistent fitness regimen into your daily routine can be just as taxing as the actual exercise itself.
Often overlooked in the sea of videos, fads, gym memberships and personal trainers is one aspect of exercise that essentially means the most: convenience.
Of course, you can argue that results trump all, and those who stop exercising after only a few months become dejecting that the stubborn 20 pounds they've been carrying around all winter simply won't go into hibernation when the weather gets warm.
While that point rings true for most who struggle day to day with exercise and their weight, forgetting about how to make time to exercise and why that affects the general public immensely is incredibly shortsighted.

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That's why when a service like BeFit emerges on the scene, you don't have any choice but to take notice of its effectiveness and simplicity, without sacrificing the aforementioned convenience and another crucial characteristic: variety.
Kajsa Vikman is the General Manager of BeFit, and she's watched this YouTube sensation grow into a viable entity with more than one million subscribers on their channel. Not only can you do the workouts from the comfort of your own home, but many of the top, national fitness trainers are included on this YouTube channel, such as Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, along with other YouTube originals from BeFit.
All you have to do is subscribe and enjoy countless hours of at home fitness training for free. But don't think for a second that Vikman and the BeFit personnel are content with their success at the moment.
"We have grown to more than one million subscribers, who have watched content and clicked to schedule and follow our channel," Vikman explains. "We'll continue t expand the channel and within other social media outlets like Facebook or Instagram, including continued launch plans for the future and new products."
Beyond just the channel itself, Vikman touts BeFit and its willingness to not only offer first rate programming in the fitness world but also totally encapsulate how exercise shouldn't be a fad but rather way of life. This comes in the form of free newsletters to subscribers and other nutrition tips and advice. Viewers also have the option of purchasing DVDs to own.
What makes BeFit different from other comparable YouTube related fitness channels is the variety and eclectic nature of what they offer, along with peace of mind for new exercisers as well.
From Pilates to Yoga, dance and cardio, BeFit speaks to the masses, regardless what your fitness level might be at the moment. Thanks to this healthy mix of choicest through the BeFit channel, consumers can prevent their workouts from getting stale.
Not to mention have access to them at home, or pretty much anywhere they please.
"You can work out in your home or anywhere, any time using the channel," Vikman says. "Several different programs for specific goals or time periods (i.e. 30 days, 60 days, etc.) are available. Let's say you're on vacation and want the abs to look good, you can do that program at that moment."
As far as those who haven't exercised in years, Be Fit caters to that clientele. Going to the gym after not having done much in the way of fitness since high school can be remarkably intimidating. You probably feel more than a little out of place and insecure at the gym or neighborhood health club with your ratty sweat pants, sneakers from the 80s and excess weight amidst what appears to be in shape, fit people at every turn.
"They don't want to go there (the gym)," Vikman says. "BeFit is a good way to start up and try it at home, but also share in social media, too. Friends might want to try it as well. BeFit still has that sense of community and still can workout with a friend, too."
So can BeFit and the premise and technology behind it become the wave of the fitness future?
"I do think it's part of the future. I do think you will see more content being consumed this way," Vikman says. "What I've seen is that a lot of people like to go to the gym as well. For that consumer, the comment we see is the workout channel is complimentary to them. They might go running at the gym and then target toning exercises. More of this consumption, but also being used in conjunction with other exercises as well."
For now, BeFit is positioning itself as a major player in a crowded, competitive industry with plenty of room to grow. The most important and redeeming quality of BeFit is the workouts are always available and accessible
And, they work, too.
"They're available any time, any where," Vikman says, regarding being able to pull up a workout regardless of your location. "The comments we've seen overall are consumers are pleased that the content is available and easy to access."
"You might not receive that direction and guidance at the gym. You go there and looking at the machine like 'what do I do' or 'is this exercise class quality? 'With BeFit, we have the top fitness trainers and workouts designed specifically for effectiveness and any and all types of people."

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