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Skin careless: Summer doesn't have to ruin your complexion

The sounds of summer are unmistakable.
Waves crashing into the beach.
Kids playing outside.
Moms and dads chatting over what exactly they should pack for vacation.
And, don't forget, if you listen closely you just might hear your skin starting to muster up more than just a few words.

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What exactly would your skin tell you about how you treat it in the summer months?
Perhaps your skin isn't exactly thrilled with you and how you've left it out to dry in the hot, humid weather, because you've taken for granted that your skin is the first line of defense against the sun and you just assume that any, old sunscreen or moisturizer will do.
One of the bigger misconception when it comes to the sun and your skin is taking for granted that sunscreen is all created equal and the ill effects of the sun can be combated by shade or cloudy days. While the overcast skies keeps you out of the direct rays of the sun, you still can dry out your skin or risk sunburn even if the clouds have arrived.
Your sunscreen shouldn't be optional no matter what weather is supposedly on the horizon. And don't settle for anything less than a sunscreen that protects and is waterproof. And as long as you are sharing the wealth when it comes to sunscreen, make sure you don't skimp on the amount you use for the kids, either. Their skin is especially prone to being burned or harmed based on the strength of the UV rays.
A lot of times, you'll also overlook parts of the body you just assume won't be bothered. You focus on protecting your face and shoulders but fail to realize that your legs and feet aren't impervious to the implications the sun can have on them.
So let's stop picking on the sun for just a minute and focus on another summertime irritant that has nothing to do with heat but rather the complete opposite: cooling off. Who doesn't love the idea of jumping into a pool when the temperature hits triple digits? But beware of what chlorine can do to your skin. Simply put, chlorine is an irritant, so you should make it a point to rinse off after those few dozen laps in the pool. That's one of the reasons, aside from germs, that you typically see showers at public pools.
Your beach bag or vacation travel accessories should always include some sort of worthwhile, SPF sunscreen, without forgetting to keep a little common sense in tow as well for everything else that could easily derail your summer fun into something less enjoyable.

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