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Weight of the world: TITIN takes aim at changing the landscape of fitness training

Patrick Whaley has been bestowed plenty of adjectives to describe him.
Game changer.
Whaley is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TITIN, a remarkable line of compression, weighted gear that is carefully crafted to add intensity, variation and results to your workouts.

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But to truly embody the strong feelings Whaley has in his company, the products and where they're headed, you have to understand how one particular past experience changed his life forever.
Whaley was the victim of an armed robbery in May 2009, not long after the young engineer won a patent and $20,000 for his Omega Wear, the predecessor to TITIN. Whaley was shot in the chest and the bullet left him with only part of a lung. Even more startling, the bullet missed his heart by one compression.
That's why when you're deciding on words to describe Whaley, two more come to mind.
Fortunate and focused.
Based on what happened to Whaley in 2009, you don't have to think too hard as to why the word "fortunate" comes to the forefront as far as describing the TITIN CEO. He took that experience and the fact that his life was miraculously spared as a sign.
"I feel like I'm here for a purpose. I believe TITIN is one piece of that reason. I truly realized that it (TITIN) was bigger than a training tool and could change how we train and the fitness world for the better," Whaley said.
Once Whaley began to recover from his armed robbery wounds in 2009, he started using his own technology to begin working out and get back into shape, and build the muscle he so desperately needed at that time.
The roots and origin of TITIN started for Whaley many years before his 2009 incident, but rather when he was a skinny kid in high school with aspirations of having muscles that seemed impossible.
"I filled my book bag and did shoulder shrugs trying to get 'Rocky' (Balboa) shoulders," Whaley admits.
As inconsequential as that might seem, Whaley would have a revelation of sorts when he started thinking about ways to take the idea of a traditional weighted workout vest and turn it into something that isn't so one dimensional and, quite frankly, dangerous and annoying to wear.
"A bulky weigh vest is cumbersome and puts all the weight on your shoulders. When you try to perform your workout, you compromise form for the weight load," Whaley said.
That thinking is what started Whaley working on Omega Wear and now TITIN.
What makes TITIN so unique is that it is form fitted compression gear that uses gel weights and has inserts and designs around the human anatomy. The gel allows consumers to heat or freeze the compression clothing and improve recovery time and healing of muscles.
Unlike other weighted vests that feel like Whaley's old high school book bag when you wear them, TITIN fits like a shirt, pants or shorts that you'd wear on any given day, only adds the weight that modifies your workouts for the better.
"I think the top three things we hear, the most is the comfort," Whaley said. "It actually fits and feels like your own muscle on your body, but the gear doesn't shift and slide around. It doesn't create extra bulk; that's the number one message we get from athletes or weekend warriors. The distribution of gel; it's about versatility and basically not having to compromise workout to accommodate extra weight."
The idea of TITIN and how it works and its design makes it a universally lauded, loved and appealing compliment to any workout but more importantly to any type of exerciser, regardless of your level of fitness.
"The whole reason we developed and designed was to benefit the fitness industry as a whole," Whaley said. "You shouldn't have to train with something on that hurts."
One group in particular that comes to mind is the high school athlete and training market, a hot bed of young men and women that visualize more than just careers as professional athletes but also competition and how it relates to scholarships based on performance.
"The middle school and high school level is the biggest reason we've done what we've done. That's the most influential point of an athlete's career," Whaley admits. "I believe moving forward the high school market is the biggest one we can influence, second to weekend warriors and those getting back to the fitness level they had in high school."
For those individuals who haven't worked out in quite some time, confusion and frustration abounds on a number of levels, mainly what to do and how to go about doing it. One major reason people tend to quit exercising after a few weeks or months after reestablishing a routine is injury, simply because they don't know how to exercise properly or perhaps they're working with a trainer that has them doing exercises that is out of their comfort level.
What makes TITIN a draw for that clientele is that you're able to keep things simple but see amazing strides in results without fear of failure or feeling out of place.
"A lot of individuals have seen massive gains with our products; it allows them to train without causing injury or doing damage. There's a lot of things like jump ropes, medicine balls, but you have to train and adapt with those." Whaley said. "With TITIN, do what you're already doing."
Doing what you're already doing ironically sounds like an adaptable matra and mentality for TITIN itself. These products were born out of Whaley and his desire to add muscle and strength without resorting to caveman like tactics of wearing bricks on your back or even a weighted vest that fits more like a bumbling life preserver than a fitness related tool that helps you achieve what your intended results.
What happened to Whaley in 2009 undoubtedly plays a crucial role in his vision for TITIN. The fact that TITIN is being sold domestically and internationally, as well as gaining major traction with professional sports leagues, the military and international organizations and Olympic athletes and growing revenues to match certainly means plenty to Whaley, as it would any business plan or CEO.
Who wouldn't be at least a little pumped to see TITIN featured in the upcoming summer blockbuster "Expendables 3," which is exactly what is happening?
But even with all the buzz and public relations fervor that TITIN is garnering, Whaley inherently speaks with the kind of belief and passion that takes the success of TITIN modestly and humbly refocuses on the true business at hand.
Take the fitness and exercise status quo and make it superb, while changing lives for the better along the way.

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