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Herculean effort: Want to look like Hercules? No problem

Anyone who follows Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on Facebook or Twitter knows just how seriously he takes his movie roles, most of which revolve around his workouts.
From G.I. Joe to Fast and the Furious, Johnson jumps into these roles head first, but you probably should include everything from his pectoral muscles to his larger than life calves when you discuss how he gets prepped for an upcoming movie.
His latest transformation is for this summer's blockbuster, "Hercules," an aptly titled tale for Johnson who took to the gym and emerged from months of training to look the part and then some.
Naturally, every muscle head and health club guru stands in amazement at Johnson's physique and wonders why all their hard work can't get them that same body.
Most of what Johnson carries around in the way of muscle comes from his days as a professional wrestling superstar, a lifestyle packed with plenty of training while on the road. Johnson' dad also took to the wrestling ring and had a similar build as his movie star son, so genetics plays a key role even though it often is overlooked by others who envy what Johnson is packing in the way of muscle.

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But for "Hercules," Johnson is quick to share his amazing eating plan, which consists of a whole lot of protein in the form of steak, fish and chicken, along with a heaping helping of rice and vegetables mainly, with no sign of fruit or sugar of any kind.
Many within the heavy duty workout circle might try to emulate that insane program, but need to understand a few things before their life revolves around protein and very little carbohydrates. Johnson undoubtedly has an on site nutritionist who most likely has those meals prepped and ready to go at a moment's notice. Also on set you had better believe that Johnson is fully stocked with cardio and weight training equipment so a trip to the gym isn't far off, either.
That isn't to suggest that Johnson isn't putting the time and effort into his craft, but the masses might not have the luxury of meals on the go that deviate from a fast food hamburger stop or have the time to cook 10 pounds of chicken on a Sunday night and pack it to go for the week.
The point of reading over the "Hercules" workout is to marvel at the dedication Johnson has for what he does. He is well versed in how to work out based on his years in the ring and now 10 plus years of acting. But for the rest of us, it's important not to get too overwhelmed by a diet plan that definitely works but might be a bit much to keep pace with for any length of time.

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