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Sleep study: Are you really getting enough sleep, or maybe too much?

When it comes to your health and wellness, one of the more hotly contested and varying topics of discussion focuses on sleep and whether the amount of hours you're getting is truly enough to keep you sharp throughout the day.
Ask a random 10 people how much sleep they get, and you very well could get 10 different answers.

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You could argue the point that there is no correct answer to the question, and the total number of hours depends solely on the person. Babies, for example, sleep most of the day because their bodies need it more so than an adult.
The total number of hours truly depends on the person. Some of us can function on only five hours but other needs double digit totals when it comes to sleep time. The defining aspect of sleep centers on the quality of sleep more so than the quantity.
Going to bed at 8 at night and sleeping until 8 the next morning doesn't ensure that you'll breeze through your day and work efficiently and harder as a result. You can sleep for 12 hours just fine but tossing, turning or restless sleep won't do you any favors, either.
Generally speaking if you had to put a number on sleep and hours, you want to stick with something between the 7 and 9 hour mark. One thing to keep in mind as well when it comes to sleep is to keep the same schedule relatively speaking, particularly when you're going to work each day. Your body works wonders when it has a schedule and routine, much the same way you like to stick to your itinerary during the day. That's called the sleep and wake cycle.
Sleeping just one hour less each night will affect how you perform during the day.
That's one of the reason why some people refer to themselves as "bad at napping." Naps might seem like a good idea but a quick 10 minute "power sleep" can do more harm then good. Your body might not have enough time to cycle through the entire sleeping process correctly, thus making you feel worse and more irritated as a result.
Your best bet is to pick a bedtime and wake time and stick with it, even on the weekends. This will essentially train your body to become the well oiled machine you've always wanted and feel remarkable rested as a result.

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