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Cat scratch fever: Do cats ultimately play well with kids?

Cats can't help but stay in the headlines, but aren't exactly making the kind of news that has potential owners lining up to buy or adopt these particular pets.
Most of what cats can't seem to live down are stories about them attacking owners and children with the latter being especially disturbing to parents who want their kids to have their first pet and like the idea of cats being a little less work than dogs.
But moms and dads definitely would be a little hesitant for fear that cats could conceivably turn on their owners and the kids to the point that the decision to buy one ends up being the wrong one. A lot of what makes a cat good or bad is drawn back to the breed itself. Dogs are a little different in that breeds certainly play a role in the behavior, but even aggressive dogs can be grown and trained to be docile around young children.
You don't really "train" cats so to speak but rather depend on what you know about a type of cat.
One breed that you'd assume is a terror is the Maine Coon, which at first glance looks like it should be roaming the jungle or caged at the zoo rather than pouncing and parading around your home. These cats are big and beastly but actually sport the kind of demeanor you want from a cat. Some assume because of how they look that these cats are feral, and while some are, others are not. The Maine Coon is unique in that a lot of the traits this cat sports are dog like. Having one means you can expect them to play and fetch like a pooch.

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Another cat worth considering is the Cornish Rex or the Selkirk Rex, both of which have very polite and easy going attitudes. A huge plus of these two breeds: they're really easy on kids in terms of allergies. The Cornish Rex especially is hairless and makes kids who struggle with allergies have a pet that not only is friendly but easy on their lungs.
The only downside of the Cornish Rex is they need a little more upkeep that typical cats and must be bathed to keep their skin dry and smooth (they tend to build up oil and don't bathe themselves in the traditional cat sense).
Felines may feel as those they've been misrepresented and unfairly cast in a negative light just based on a few of the proverbial bad apples. These aforementioned breeds take quite the bite out of that stereotype, while ironically leaving their owners virtually unscathed.

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