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Slave to the coffee grind: Bulletproof® Coffee proves all coffee is not created equal

Go ahead and think about the last cup of coffee you had and how you ultimately would describe it.
Chances are you'll search out words like "fine," "good," "OK" or any other nondescript, lackluster adjective simply because your coffee is falling woefully short of expectations.
But your disappointment in your coffee goes far beyond just the look and taste of what you're drinking. Have you ever thought about what's actually in that cup of coffee? Sure, you see plenty of rhetoric and marketing that tells you things like "Dark Roasted for Full Flavor" or "100% Arabica Beans."
Anything that uses words like flavor and 100% must be amazing, right?
Not exactly. Enter Bulletproof® Coffee.

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The name alone suggests that this may very well be the last coffee brand you ever allow to touch your lips or percolate your palette. Turns out, Bulletproof® Coffee does all that, but also takes the shape of a product that goes far beyond what traditional coffee can do.
Dave Asprey is the founder and creator of Bulletproof® Coffee, and the idea behind this endeavor began with a frustration, like many experience, of not being able to lose weight.
"The idea came up about 15 years ago," Asprey recalls. "I realized eating restricted calories wasn't working; I wasn't lacking willpower but rather the things that were supposed to work didn't."
It's worth noting that Asprey is a numbers guy. He enjoys data and all things associated with it. You might draw the conclusion that his admiration of data driven information gave rise to Bulletproof® and the methodology and mentality behind its creation.
"I love data driven stuff, and I wanted to keep my weight down and raise my IQ and energy levels, and have my quality of life go through the roof. I started writing the stuff down and teaching people how to feel good all the time. I figured if I helped five people, then it's a huge win."
"To me, I put Bulletproof® Coffee out there to stave off food cravings and make a difference in my life."
Perhaps not just a huge win or a modicum of difference but rather creating Bulletproof® Coffee could easily be pinpointed as a game changer within a highly competitive field of coffee companies and manufacturers. Bulletproof® Coffee is a cleaner and safer than its counterparts that doesn't have the same "crash" that regular coffee bestows upon the vast number of drinkers.
"I did not know how much people cared about coffee," Asprey says.
Much the same way Asprey loves his numbers, he quickly realized that the general public adores its coffee.
"I thought there was a market for about 100 people; I put it (Bulletproof® Coffee) out there, and people tried it and feel the difference, and it's a real thing that has changed lives."
The process of how Bulletproof® is made is one that is littered with high standards and only putting out coffee that meets equally lofty expectations.
"There's a process of making coffee, and I work with growers on that. I run it through lab tests to verify that the coffee is pure and free of any toxins that are common in coffee. People feel really good when they have this coffee, and it's about purity," Asprey says.
Asprey undoubtedly takes his craft seriously, even if you could consider Bulletproof® Coffee a wondrous idea that was bred out of his frustration with high end coffee not making him feel well, along with the masses gulping down one cup after another to stay alert.
Bulletproof® isn't about mass consumption but rather effectiveness.
"I don't drink other coffee if I need to have a productive day," Asprey says. "Instead of a coffee yo yo, you just do a cup in the morning, and you're fine. You're actually using less coffee and feeling better."
Naturally competitors and consumers alike might be a little skeptical of Bulletproof®, for no other reason than products often appear too good to be true. When it comes to coffee, however, Bulletproof® disspells the notion that all coffee is created equal, and quality matters throughout the entire process. Clearly, Asprey and his Bulletproof® team have done their research on this one, and that certainly matters when you're selling a product like coffee.
"Quality of food matters. Europe and Asia have a restriction on toxin levels in coffee. The European market has standards the United State doesn't have them," Apsrey cautions. "Peoples function goes down from moldy coffee, and the crash comes from mold toxins that grows on coffee and in the coffee not from the coffee itself. Lower quality coffee has more of these toxins in it."
What Asprey has done with Bulletproof® Coffee is create more than just another coffee player in the field of hundreds but instead cultivated a recipe of sorts that employs a makeup that is healthy and pure. That is a primary reason why Bulletproof® Coffee takes the idea of coffee keeping you focused and fine tunes it to perfection.
"In the United States, the likelihood of getting these toxins are substantial," Asprey says. "I can feel the difference. I can also tell you when I'm out of my zone, I drink this coffee, and I'm completely right where I should be. Coffee should boost cognitive ability, and our coffee is proven and tested to do that."
Naturally, Asprey speaks passionately about his Bulletproof® brand, but the fact that his business has grown significantly and is being spotted in the hands of celebrities and notable persons also affirms that Asprey has reached a coffee market that is exhausted with the status quo.
"It's hard to say what happened there (regarding celebrities using Bulletproof®). We are a small company, and what I think has driven our growth is that it works," Asprey says. "People get a mental edge that they haven't been used to."
And what about those superstars seen stepping out with Bulletproof®?
"As far as the stars, I didn't have public relations people call them up; they found out about it organically. I had dinner with people in San Francisco, and this guy asked me about my diet, and he said he was in a band. At the end of the dinner, I was like 'what is the name of your band,' and I was like 'wow, I have heard of you," Asprey recalls favorably.
"Now, they drink it every day before recording studio and on stage."
While Asprey isn't about to brag about who this band is, one celebrity specifically, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon, has been pinpointed as a Bulletproof® backer and coffee drinker. Asprey doesn't know Fallon but can't help but appreciate that nod of approval.
"I've never met him," Asprey says with a laugh. "I couldn't pay for that type of endorsement."
Even with the celebrity connections, Bulletproof® isn't ready to take the route of name dropping just yet. Instead, they do what any reputable and renowned organization does when it has a product that works well and is lauded by those who have used it.
They let the results speak for themselves.
"It's all lab tested, and it's truly an amazing thing," Asprey says.
"I'm complimented every time when someone is using this product to make their brain work better. You simply can handle more, whether that's another basket in basketball, another hour on stage or just not having to yell or get stressed when your kid spills something."
Thanks to Bulletproof®, the next time you're asked about how that cup of coffee was, you'll have a better answer prepared and be in the kind of mood when you won't mind sharing just how remarkable it is.

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