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Marching to its own beet: Why beets beat out most vegetables when it comes to wellness

When you think about the litany of fruits and vegetables that sprout feelings of healthiness, wellness and should be consumed on a daily basis, one major player consistently gets left off the list.
The beet.
This red hot purple vegetable often is overlooked for sexier, fancier and better marketed choices such as dark, leafy greens, mango, oranges, pineapple and everyone's favorite, sweet potato. When you think about beets, two things come to mind: beets in a can and perhaps the television show "The Office" (yes, the Dwight Schrute character had a beet farm, and he would often be featured eating them raw on various episodes of the long running show).
The running beet gag on "The Office" courtesy of Dwight might have been funny had his love affair with this vegetable not been so true. Beets are one of the more forgotten, albeit potent, vegetables when it comes to the health benefits from them.
Beets naturally boost your sexual health and vitality, along with being chalked full of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, fiber and Vitamin C. Often when you hear talk of a health cleanse when eating on fruits and vegetables is on the itinerary for the next 10 days or so, beets find their way into that equation because they're naturally adept at cleansing the body.

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And while those beets are cleansing your colon and stomach, they'll also get you a dose of energy and brain power that you probably are trying to emulate with coffee or various energy drinks. Those crashes hardly pale in comparison to the beet and its natural ability to keep you on task.
What's working against the beet is its marketability leaves a lot to be desired and often consumers don't really know how to work this powerful vegetable into their lunch or dinner rotation.
Canned beets certainly aren't as good as the ones picked straight from the Earth, but they'll do just fine in salads or if you're interested in trying a different take on soup.
For those who simply can't stand the taste of beets but still want everything they offer in the way of nutritional value, you can find various beet supplements that work just as well as the real thing. One that comes to mind is the BeetElite's NeoShot, which takes six beets and delivers them in one shot to help improve circulation and everything else you've come to expect from the beet. The science behind Beet Elite's NeoShot allows you to mix it with a glass of water and go.
No matter how you work the beet into your meals, it's a vegetable that deserves recognition for all it does. Not only does it curb hypertension and help with energy but offers a host of other benefits that can't be ignored any longer.

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