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Finding The Flaws: Selecting The Perfect Online Match Is Filled With Red Flags

Pundits and critics of online dating don't particularly believe in the ability to find the perfect match through a computer and probably opt for more traditional fix-ups or serendipitous and sanctimonious meetings that provide great stories of how mom and dad first met.
Those stories are quickly becoming few and far between, however, as meeting online seems to be the way of the future that is happening now.
Whether or not you believe online dating is a personality crutch or the epitome of laziness in American culture isn't quite the argument but rather how to avoid meeting the wrong people -- at least the ones that don't quite fit as the perfect match for you.
Hopeless romantics who use online dating certainly have to tip-toe around certainly attributes on profiles, ones that can't help but send up warning signals to stay away at all costs. Truthfully, the demographic most interested in the online dating scene probably are tired of meaningless dates and most likely are in the mood for a potentially serious relationship.
And that's how the world of online dating markets itself -- as a means to an end. That end, if you check out eHarmony or Match.com, is meeting your soulmate and getting married. That isn't likely to happen if you don't partake in certain advice that will keep you away from potential pratfalls when using these services.

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First and foremost, the picture on one's profile truly is worth a 1,000 words. Guys who want a serious relationship don't use a shirtless photo as a profile pick -- save that nonsense for Facebook or simply not at all. Girls in scantily clad clothing probably aren't ready just yet as bride-to-be material. You could argue that a fake picture is worse than one of the other aforementioned ones. Fake pictures should be spotted a mile away and usually are grainy or seem like they've been done professionally. No one is getting a head shot for a dating site -- at least they shouldn't be.
How someone communicates as part of their online dating profile also says a lot about the type of conversation you can expect and how quickly a bond can be forged -- not that anyone is looking to get married after one chat. That being said, if the writing on the page flows naturally and is devoid of mistakes or useless lingo, that's probably a safe bet that you're dealing with a sincere person.
An equally safe assumption is that most online daters probably are trustworthy and competent but even the smallest cue can save you from wasting plenty of valuable time and effort on a would-be dud.

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