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Pump the break up: Why its so easy to get caught up in all the breakup pratfalls

Anyone who has every gone through any sort of breakup knows just how traumatic, sad and angry it makes you.
Those feelings typically come in stages and with them a series of actions that you ultimately regret. No one is telling you not to feel a certain way but your actions often speak much louder than those words to the point that you commit some serious post breakup mistakes.
At the time, you'll argue the point that they're anything but mistakes and are totally necessary at the time, even though more often than not, you've actually made the situation worse rather than making the proverbial clean break you'll wish you had seen all the way through.
A big misstep once you say so long to a significant other is taking your case to social media to start slamming your ex without worrying about the long term ramifications for both that person and your reputation as well.
Social media often is your worst enemy when it comes to saying whatever you want from the friendly confines of behind your computer or tablet. Typing away and feeding into how you're feeling is dangerous when all that stands between you and your words is a keyboard. Before the internet and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you had to think for at least a few minutes before picking up a phone and calling to tell someone exactly what is on your mind.

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Now, you type without actually taking a step back and taking into perspective what you're about to do. It's about hitting the "send" button so to speak and not being able to take it back once it's out on the social media stratosphere.
Months after the breakup is complete, you'll regret that you used your social media account to spew venom on the person, even if you don't feel that way at the moment. The same goes for phone calls and texts; you want to steer clear of inundating your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to the point that you'll come across as equal parts annoying and psychotic.
Equally regrettable might be drowning your sorrow in food. Packing on the pounds or hitting up the dessert bar, much like firing off angry "tweets," feels good at that instant but won't after you pack on a few unwanted pounds.
Take the high road and walk away with dignity in tact and assume that the breakup is going to stick, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise.

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