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Company line: Why working for the right company changes everything

While the movie "The Internship" failed to capture the same charisma and box office appeal with teaming of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the same vein as the 2005 hit "Wedding Crashers," it did shed some serious light on what it might be like to work for Google.
Ironically, when you're in the midst of searching for a job, you might want to consider a career at Google, arguably the most renowned and lauded search engine in the world. Google is just one of many companies that is consistently voted as one of the best to work for, prompting interns, those fresh from college or long standing, career oriented individuals to truly mull over what it could be like to enjoy the sounds, sights and inner workings of a place like Google.
In addition to Google, other companies that make their fair share of the best places to work list are Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Apple.
But beyond pinpointing the national brands and companies that you'd love to work for, it's equally important to understand why these companies deserve a passing grade on what they offer employees and why that's so important.
Whether you're applying for jobs at any of the aforementioned companies or just trying to land employment with an outstanding entity just around the corner in your neighborhood, working for the right company, one that treats you as more than just an employee or number, means more to some than the salary itself.

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Granted, you need to secure a job that pays you enough to suffice bills, cost of living and providing for your family. That part is to be understood. Beyond the practicality of a paycheck, most diligent workers want to be appreciated and treated with respect in various forms and fashion when it comes to day to day work related activities or benefits.
The latter comes in the form of health care that includes not only a reasonable bi weekly payment but perhaps assistance with gym memberships and childcare. From the tangible aspects of work like health care to things like time off or structuring your day, a lot of employees like the idea of being held accountable for getting work done but not put through the proverbial ringer for a personal day or if there are certain things life throws at them that need handled.
For example, if you're a salary employee or in a position of being a supervisor, you should have a little leeway throughout the course of a work day. Companies that show just how much they care but more importantly trust employees allow this type of behavior. Chances are, the employee won't take advantage of it because the company is one that he or she wants to work for over the long term.
Finding a landing spot that sees you as a valuable entity and integral part of business is a good feeling, one that is sought after strongly by the masses.

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