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Jewelry noted: What jewelry says about you during job interviews

Almost as important as practicing your response to certain questions or knowing the history of the company you're interviewing with, you want to make sure that first face to face interaction isn't marred by an outfit or accessories that do more harm than good.
Particular emphasis should be put on the accessories aspect of that job interview outfit, particularly the jewelry and watches that you are contemplating wearing. More often than not, your initial reaction to jewelry or watches is the right one.
If something seems inappropriate, chances are you're probably right. Of course, the majority of people know the difference between jewelry that is tasteful or appropriate versus the kind you'd wear to a Halloween party or the type of costume jewelry that only sees the light of day for special occasions.
And that certainly doesn't pertain to a job interview.
As far as basic rules to follow, you certainly have those you can adhere to generally speaking when it comes to watches or jewelry.

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An easy call has to be keeping the classes of jewelry within the same family. That means if you're rocking a gold necklace with a classic black dress, you should steer clear of mixing and matching that with silver.
For guys, you want to follow those same guidelines when it comes to necklaces and watches. The only caveat to that silver and gold rule is the wedding band sported by men. If you have a silver band and a gold watch, that's acceptable.
What you don't want is a sleek, sturdy silver watch and a gold necklace that looks like something you would have worn as a teenager in high school.
Another rule of thumb, pertaining mostly to women, is wearing far too much jewelry than you should. This is a case of not so much quality but quantity. You can argue that the excessive necklaces or bracelets is a fashion statement and is incredibly chic and progressive style. Hiring managers quickly frankly don't care about how adept you are at the latest looks. You shouldn't saddle your left and right wrists with dozens of bracelets on each, and the same can be said for wearing too many rings or necklaces.
Keep your job interview look simple and coordinated, and you'll indirectly tell the supervisor or person interviewing you that you're organized. If your overall look is messy and diluted with ridiculous jewelry, you're first impression might be your last chance to secure that job you want.

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