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Exercising common sense: Are your working out too hard?

Everyone believes wholeheartedly that they should be exercising more than they are at the moment.
And with that, you find a gym to join or exercise DVD to buy, and you're off to find a healthier lifestyle, more energy or a better body or perhaps even all three.
So what if you're one of the very few that actually sticks with a workout program and become fixated on feeling better, looking great and hopefully living longer? You should get a hearty pat on the back, right?
That depends on more than just the actual art of exercising but whether you're doing it safely. That doesn't mean keeping your elbows locked when you're doing a dip or watching your pushup form but rather how intense those workouts are and if they're ironically doing more harm than good.
To question the idea of too much exercise seems silly given how much emphasis our culture puts on working out and adopting a healthier existence in the face of surging numbers of overweight and obese people in the United States.

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Those figures are staggering for all the wrong reasons as heart disease, high blood pressure and a host of other ailments plague more than half of the population. So, it's hard to understand in theory the notion that you should be reprimanded for exercising too much or too hard.
Truthfully, however, exercise, much like eating junk food or watching television, should be enjoyed in moderation and with your best interests in mind. That means limiting the amount of time you spend working out but also making sure to pay special attention to how you're feeling after you've completed your exercise routine.
If you find yourself feeling overly sore or fatigued, you might want to dial it down just a bit. Other warning signs that you've been overdoing it could be trouble sleeping or something a little more serious like unusual pain in your chest or head.
One could argue that shows like "Extreme Weight Loss" or "Biggest Loser" as proof that pushing yourself is a good thing. What needs kept in mind when you start comparing working out at your neighborhood gym to a television show is observation with the latter. Television shows tend to have not only celebrity trainers on set but also a multitude of doctors and specialists that are willing, able and ready to assist should something happen to a contestant. You can't always say that about an individual at a local health club.
No one is arguing just how paramount exercise is to a better quality of life, but too much of a good thing is never good for you.
And exercise is no different.

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