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Aging gracefully: Why celebrities don't have to be the only ones who stay fit at 50 and up

When you take a look at celebrities of varying ages, you chalk up their firm skin, flawless bodies and age defying features to their status, income and having everything from a personal trainer to a nutritionist, along with something that is invaluable when it comes to being in peak shape: time.
The latest photo that has the general public doing a double take is one of legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen in Spain looking younger and more vibrant than ever, even at the age of 64. Springsteen is thin, muscular and built like someone half his age, which only adds to the aforementioned luxury when it comes to fitness and celebrities.
Even though Springsteen has access undoubtedly to the best trainers and dieticians, his formula for success isn't anything that can't be implemented by someone his same age, younger or older. Springsteen's physique hasn't changed much over the last 30 years in the spotlight, and he attributes his 64 year old body to nothing more than running, weight training and most importantly eating the right way.
That simple regimen doesn't include anything insane like CrossFit three times per week or working out seven hours per day. The exercise component put forth by Springsteen isn't any different then what you can see at your neighborhood gym around the corner by your house.
What separates Springsteen from others like him and the general public, according to his trainer and close friends, is how he treats his body when it comes to eating. What you're ingesting for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks throughout the day, truly defines how defined your body can be, no matter if your 20 or 70 years old. Granted, when you're younger you can absorb fatty, unhealthy foods and still walk away with somewhat of a six pack.

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But Springsteen shows dedication and determination with how he eats, which is why he doesn't mind getting spotted shirtless when he's on vacation. He's proud of the fact that he most likely eats a ton of protein, vegetables and fruit, and isn't adept at adding sugar and sweets to his diet.
If weight loss and shedding fat and pounds is your goal, you can work out seven hours per day if you'd like, but if your day begins with sausage and pancakes and ends with fried chicken and mashed potatoes, you'll be waiting quite a while for the body you want.
No matter what your name is.

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