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Hinting around: When it comes to hydration, Hint Water is direct choice

Kara Goldin found herself at a crossroads when it came to finding a drink that delivered all the taste she had come love from drinking Diet Coke and other sweet drinks but without the harmful preservatives, chemical additives and artificial sweetener.
With that revelation, Hint Water was born a decade ago.
Goldin is Chief Executive Officer of Hint Water, a beverage that melds together what everyone should be getting plenty of, water, and a splash of natural flavors that take boring H2O and turn it into a beverage that you'll search out every time you think sugar but want water instead.
"Plain water wasn't cutting it, so Kara started adding fruit slices to water," said Alyssa Raine, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Hint Water on how the origin of Hint Water surfaced. "When Kara couldn't find the same product in stores, she launched it myself."
What sets Hint Water apart from other waters is its adherence to a simple formula: no sugar, no calories and no artificial sweeteners. Unlike most "flavored" waters bring to the table is, of course, water but hardly at its purest forms. They're often littered with unnatural additives, and actually some of these waters are just as sugar filled and as bad for you as a two liter bottle of soda.

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Hint Water is the equivalent of water that tastes as though it is naturally flavored as if you cut your own lemon or orange at home and dropped it into a class of water. Only Hint Water takes the work out of your hands and concocted a recipe that makes your own water recipe taste that much better.
Hint Water fills much needed gap between drinking plain, old water and buying waters that aren't doing you any favors from a healthy standpoint, either.
The idea behind water is to implement a healthier lifestyle by drinking more of it. Hint Water makes adopting that mentality that much easier.
"We hear everyday that we helped people drink more water and get healthier," Raine said. "Whether they want to drink more water to lose weight, feel better, sleep better, or for more serious health reasons, Hint has helped people literally change their lives."
Hint Water features two different water alternatives: Hint Fizz and Hint Water. Both taste remarkable, but the former is the equivalent of sparkling water in a variety of flavors. Of course, Hint Water hardly would be described as plain and also comes in a multitude of flavor choices including Watermelon, a true summertime favorite, Mango Grapefruit, Strawberry Kiwi and Lime. The Fizz line is dripping with just as many delectable choices.
Naturally, Hint Water could conceivably be met with skeptics, given how other waters have promised to be all natural but failed miserably when you take a long, hard look at the ingredients.
Raine assures consumers that not only does Hint Water back up their claims but the taste will speak volumes.
"You will fall in love with this delicious beverage that helps you drink more water."
And at the end of the day, that truly is the goal of most people: to simply add more water to their diet. Thanks to Hint Water, that task hardly no longer is one that is taxing or tiresome.
"We truly want to make it easier and more fun to live a truly healthy lifestyle."

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